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“It’s His Choice”: Greg Doucette Critiques Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s ‘Empty Stomach Cardio’ Routine

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“It’s His Choice”: Greg Doucette Critiques Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s ‘Empty Stomach Cardio’ Routine

Cardio is a popular aerobic or endurance exercise in bodybuilding that can range from low to high intensity, depending on the person. There are many ways to do the workout, and prominent WWE star and actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson prefers to do it with an empty stomach. However, the manner in which he described his method in a video piqued the interest of Greg Doucette, who subsequently simplified it for his Instagram followers by posting a critique.

The viral social media post begins with Dwayne Johnson discussing his empty-stomach cardio routine. The WWE star describes how he woke up and took about 100 to 150 milligrams of caffeine, along with a tiny dose of aminos, before starting his daily exercise regimen.

However, the video transitions to Greg Doucette, who states that using any type of supplement or food product before a workout cannot be technically classified as empty stomach cardio. He also poses the question, “Is there any benefit to doing cardio on an empty stomach?” The IFBB pro bodybuilder responds with his fitness expertise, saying:

“There answer is no, there’s not, it’s his choice, it’s his preference. It’s not going to help them to burn more fat, to stay more shredded, to have more energy, and in fact it could do quite the opposite.

Every individual in the fitness industry has their own set of preferences for any type of activity or diet, including pre-and post-workout meals. This rule even applies to The Rock, as Doucette states that it is his choice to follow such an exercise regimen. The bodybuilder further claims that taking such supplements does not improve fat-burning capabilities or provide him with more energy than is required but rather can have an adverse impact.

According to various studies, amino acids are very important for an individual’s body since they maintain optimal cardiovascular function. However, inadequate amounts of such organic compounds in certain pathophysiological situations might lead to heart dysfunction, which is a serious health problem.


Doucette has criticized The Rock on numerous occasions. He has even stated that the WWE star’s physique is solely the result of steroids, which explains why he remains silent on the subject.

Greg Doucette’s Opinion on Dwayne Johnson’s Physique

Greg Doucette joined Rob Moore on his YouTube channel for a candid discussion on the fitness industry, steroids, and personal growth. The host also inquired about the bodybuilder’s statements regarding Dwayne Johnson’s physique resulting from the use of steroids. Doucette has his own opinions on the WWE star, and he is confident that acquiring and maintaining that type of body in one’s 50s is not natural, and he is using a variety of supplements alongside HRT.

Moore expresses further concern to him, asking why The Rock does not open up about his steroid use to his followers. The bodybuilder then argues that if Johnson comes clean, many of his followers may fall into the same cycle, which is generally an adverse outcome. He also discusses how disclosing his steroid use could cost the WWE star a lot of sponsorships, as well as Hollywood opportunities, which have helped him establish himself in the community.

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