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Is Ana returning to pro Dota 2? New rumours.

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is ana returning to pro Dota 2 again

Ana is quite active on Dota 2 ranked games at the moment. Can we expect legendary HumbleGod’s return to DPC?

Ana has played a lot of Dota 2 matches since he was first noticed in December. Yet, he announced his retirement from Dota 2 a few years ago.

It is true that a lot of players do return back to the game. Anathan “Ana” Pham announced his retirement on 14th June 2021 after breaking multiple metas.

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He remains the only carry player to win TI twice and back to back. Yet, his TI9 IO carry remains the most iconic game in his career.

Anathan “Ana” Pham has won Dota 2 TI twice, 2018 and 2019.

Recently, he is seen playing with big names from the SEA server. Ana is a resident of Australia. Hence, it makes sense that Ana is playing in the SEA server.

HumbleGod is averaging around 15 games per day, in the last 8 days. As usual, HunbleGod is playing hard carry mostly, with occasional mid or offlane positions.

At a 52% win rate, his MMR growth has been steadily improving. He recently surpassed the 9k MMR mark yet again. And his performance against and alongside the SEA and Chinese veterans is formidable.

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Is Ana joining T1 or BOOM Esports? Or is it TNC Predators?

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Ana also plays against Topson in the SEA server frequently. Hence, the retirement did not rust his skills.

HumbleGod also plays frequently with big SEA Dota 2 names such as Armel, Kuku and Forev. He mostly wins against them.

Consequently, there have been rumours of Ana’s return to Dota 2. Speculations are ripe of him possibly joining T1 or BOOM Esports.

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Also, T1 Febby mentioned about HmbleGod Ana recently on LiveStream. Hence, fingers crossed for confirmation.

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