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CSGO Teams to look out for in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups.

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CSGO Teams to look out for in the BLAST Premier Spring groups

BLAST Premier Spring Groups start today. Here are all the CSGO teams to look out for in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups.

CSGO is the staple FPS Esports title for over 2 decades now. Yet, the popularity has tanked a bit, owing to competing titles like Valorant.

But, the unprecedented amount of prize pool makes all the difference. But, the start of the 2022 season has seen massive roster mania.

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NaVi is the defending Champions. Hence, they have a big target on their backs. Furthermore, with their current unbeatable streak, teams are losing patience.

Since their win in BLAST Premier world finals, every LAN has been a breeze. Teams have been pushed aside time and time again. BLAST Premier Spring Groups sets the tempo for the 2022 season.

Can G2 Esports fend off NaVi this time?

G2 Esports recently signed m0NESY. As a prodigy, he is an AWPer with stats that rival s1mple and Niko. But, never tested on the big stage.

M0NESY will play his first pro match for G2 Esports today. He will take on the newly composed Complexity roster. It will be an interesting match, with both teams having something to prove.

Niko looks to reach the top this season. S1mple vs Niko, when it happens will be epic.

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Most teams have finalised CSGO rosters just before BLAST Premier World Finals.

Evil Geniuses too have an exciting roster. The NA dream team is yet to compete. Autimatic returns after over a year.

At the same time, Stewie2k and RUSH join forces. The last three members of the NA Major winning squad are back.

Brehze and CeRq look to prove a point in this tourney. Honestly, NA has suffered for too long.

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Can Zywoo and Vitality set Tempo for the 2022 CSGO season?

Team Vitality went through some serious roster changes. Except, Zywoo, was retained. The French prodigy has fallen off the rankings and looks to return to the top.

But, can Vitality perform or Zywoo carry alone? Can he compete with s1mple and NaVi for the Major title?

It will take some time. But, it is definitely possible.

NaVi, with their dominating streak, is obviously the team to look out for.

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