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NaVi vs Team Liquid at CSGO BLAST Spring Gauntlets: Close but, no Cigar.

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CSGO BLAST Premier Gauntlet Navi vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid met Navi as the 4th seed from their respective groups in CSGO BLAST Premier Gauntlets. Liquid gets knocked out for Last Chance.

Nitr0 made an emphatic return to CSGO from 100 Thieves Valorant after suffering a year of pain. And the performance against NaVi was nothing to scoff at.

Captain America would carry Team Liquid through Mirage in the first match. But, it was not enough.

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Team Liquid looked for overtime on both rounds. But, their tank was empty by the time game reached the last 5 rounds.

Liquid faced NaVi in CSGO BLAST Spring Gauntlet on Mirage. They lost to NaVi 16-10.

NaVi cracked down on Team Liquid hard when it mattered. The impossible eco rounds from both sides swayed the match win probability between two teams multiple times.

Mirage started off with NaVi taking a massive momentum early game. But, by halftime, the lead was cut short 8-7.

On the attacking side, Liquid suffered. It was a massacre. Only 3 wins for Liquid in the second half. 16-10 to end Mirage.

The second map was even closer. Though, it has to be mentioned that both sides showed incredible fortitude.

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Ancient was back and forth. Both NaVi and Liquid displayed incredible solo skills.

EliGe scored an ace in Round 26. NaVi played a team game on the other hand. Yet, each player showed their solo skill when it mattered.

Ancient is the 10th addition to the CSGO Map pool. Therefore, most are still learning the corners and angles.

EliGe’s late-game kill streak gave a fighting chance for Liquid. The score stood at 15-10. But, his teammates squandered the chance, as soon as he died.

Finally, NaVi secured the match point on round 28. 16-12 to NaVi for victory. The BO3 score was 2-0 to NaVi.

NA CSGO is improving no doubt. Only, they need to win with conviction and reduce the skill gap.

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