CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Groups: Group B scrims on Day 2. What to expect?

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|Published January 29, 2022

The Group B matchups start today. What to look out for on Day 2 of CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Groups?

Day 1 of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups is nothing short of legendary. If it is a promo of the things to come in 2022, we have much to look forward to.

G2 Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas have set the standards for 2022. Now, teams from Group B have a chance to showcase their skills.

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Though, the more important question is, can we expect any upsets. Or is NaVi going to dominate as they have throughout 2021?

G2 Esports won Group A of CSGO BLAST Premier Spring groups.

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OG never thought of getting into CSGO. But, a roster at that budget, with the performance they have put out, is staggering. With the addition of Nexa, we can expect some dynamics to shift.

The team performed well in Aleksib’s presence. But, the new roster had very little time to practice together.

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Astralis are the old gods of CSGO.  They have won 4 CSGO Majors. Three of those were won back to back from 2018 to 2019.

But, their recent performances are seriously underwhelming. They have undergone massive roster changes. It will be a difficult task to upset NaVi or at least finish 2nd.

NaVi resides in Group B. Is it NaVi domination as usual?

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Also, Made in Brazil is underperforming quite a bit. There was a time when Fallen played on this team.

Currently, the roster has to work its way up to the top. There are signs that the team has potential. But, for now, they need to work on covering the skill gap.

As it stands, Group B should look like this at the end of the day:

  1. NaVi
  2. OG
  3. MIBR
  4. Astralis

We expect NaVi to dominate day 2 of CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Groups. The real matches start next week in the Spring Gauntlet.

Matches for Group B/Day 2 start at 3 PM CET. You can watch the matches on the official BLAST Premier Twitch Stream.

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