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CSGO ESports update: Valve to host two majors per year for 2022 and 2023.

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CSGO Two Majors possibility, announcement from Vlave pending

Valve has revealed hosting two CSGO Majors per year starting in 2022. Can we expect the golden days or increased stress?

Valve seems open to suggestions for the 2022 and 2023 Counter-Strike Majors. In a transcript that they sent, the game devs told event organisers last year.

In the email received by HLTV, Valve states its plans to organise two Majors each year. Hopefully, one of them in May.

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The other is to be held in November, with a single Regional Major Ranking (RMR) event per region previous to each event.

Valve is open to suggestions for the possibility of two CSGO Majors a year.

Event organisers already suggested their proposals last year. The bid is for the 2022 Majors and RMR bouts. The hosts for corresponding events and regions are to be named yet.

As for the 2023 events, Valve is accepting suggestions until the end of November. But, there is no timeline or confirmation of when the event hosts are announced.

Valve has targeted weeks 19 and 20 ( late May) for the first Major. At the same time, they have reserved weeks 44 and 45 ( early November) for the alternate one.

The developers suggested these be held in a “time zone convenient for a majority of CSGO businesses“. Consequently, Valve is calling on event organisers to consider the scene’s “two prime times” (1600 CET and 2100 CET) when preparing their proposals.

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CSGO currently hosts only a Major per year since 2021, before which there were two of them per year. No major in 2020.

Each of the five regions (Europe, CIS, North America, South America and Asia/ Oceania) is to host one RMR event. The event is organised on LAN, prior to the Majors.

Valve will deliver support for the prize pool, journey and lodging for these events. For now, the chronology is mentioned for weeks 14 ( early April) and 39 ( late September).

Currently, we know that ESL plans to host a Fall Major in Rio de Janeiro. Except, we do not really know anything about the Spring Majors, yet.

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There is still much to look forward to. Also, Valve stepping up to compete against the number of Valorant events is a necessity.

But, the pandemic curse has disrupted the Esports economy. It will take a while to get back to normalcy.

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