ESL confirms Dota 2 LAN event for Stockholm Major in May.

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|Published February 16, 2022

ESL is set to host the first Dota 2 Majors of the 2022 season in Stockholm as a LAN Event. Preliminary details of the tourney are out.

ESL confirmed the proceedings for the first Dota 2 Major of 2022. Also, the dates and initial details of the competition are released.

For now, the event is to be organised as a LAN event. Furthermore, the Stockholm Major marks the end of Phase 2 of the DPC 2022 Season.

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The Winter Major was cancelled to increased the risk of the pandemic. Teams had to suffice with Regional Finals. Hence, an international tournament is a necessity to help maintain the pace of the meta.

For all we know, the meta can change completely in the next few weeks. Additionally, Valve has announced the Patch 7.31 release for Dota 2 on 23rd February.

The Stockholm Major at the end of the Spring tour will have 18 teams vying for Major title and Circuit points. The dates for the event are fixed between the 12th and 22nd of May.

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Stockholm’s Hovet Arena is the home to the event that will run for over 10 days. This would be the first Dota Major with any crowd since 2020. Tickets go on sale on Feb. 17 at 10 AM CT.

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Stockholm Major comes as a redemption event for Sweden.

This is a redemption event for Sweden. Sweden was the original home of The International 10. But, conflict of interest with the Swedish Sports Federation and the Government in regard to esports and its classification in the country last June led to venue alteration.

Eventually, TI10 was delayed to October 2021 after it was cancelled in 2020. Finally, TI10 finally found its home in Bucharest, Romania.

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The rebirth Major has a prize pool set at $500,000 and 3,530 DPC points. Hence, Valve continues its initial plan to normalise DPC points available in each upcoming Major. Thus, this comes as a point balance method after the cancellation of Winter Major 2022.

Of course, the Stockholm Major uses the prevalent invite layout as previous Majors. Therefore, there are fixed slots for each region in the Spring Tour. Here’s how that breaks down:

  1. Western Europe and China
    • Four teams each
  2. Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia
    • Three teams each
  3. North and South America
    • Two teams each

The regions have shared their slots for events over years. Therefore, we do not expect any aberration at ESL Stockholm Dota 2 Spring major.

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The Dota 2 Spring Major is to be organised in Stockholm, Sweden at Hovet Arena.

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One can learn more info on the event, ticketing information and COVID-19 protocols for the arena, on ESL’s official website. Undermentioned is the tournament format:

  • Wild Card
    • Six teams
    • Bo2 round-robin
    • The top two teams advance to the Group Stage
    • The bottom four teams are eliminated
  • Group Stage
    • Eight teams
    • Bo2 round-robin
    • The top two teams advance to the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs
    • 3rd to 6th placed teams advance to the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs
    • The bottom two teams are eliminated
  • Playoffs
    • Twelve teams, Double-elimination bracket
    • Eight teams start in the Upper Bracket
    • Four teams start in the Lower Bracket

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