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CSGO Roster Changes: Fallen, “THE PROFESSOR” now a free agent as Team Liquid release him.

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Fallen released from Team Liquid CSGO, Roster shuffles hastened

Fallen is one of the old Gods of Counter-Strike who pioneered AWPing. Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo has now been released from the Team Liquid CSGO roster.

Fallen belongs from Brazil, the abode of SK Gaming. Brazil is also the home to one of the greatest CSGO players of all time, ColdZera.

Since the SK gaming era, Fallen gained quite some fame in the early days of CSGO. But, his exploits do not end there.

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Fallen is a player that started his CS career back in Source days. The two time Major winner is now released from Team Liquid as IGL.

Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo has played Counter-Strike since 2005. Since the days of 1.6, he is a renowned AWPer and an IGL. With two CSGO majors under his belt, NA felt Fallen could be their saving grace.

Fallen has been released from Team Liquid CSGO. He stayed for 11 months.

His Major wins in CSGO came with SK Gaming and Luminosity Gaming. Except, no major still for NA in quite some time. The promised Era of dominance by NA CSGO has never arrived.

Liquid needed results that were missing. Also, with Nicholas “Nitr0” Cannella’s return to CSGO, Liquid looks to right their wrongs.

The addition of Shox and OSee, along with the departure of Stewie2k and now Fallen, has created a unique circumstance.

Now, The Professor has an uncertain future.

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The NaVi and S1mple era has hastened up the Team shuffles.

There are a lot of factors affecting this. But, as we mentioned a few times earlier, NaVi winning every LAN they visited in 2021 created an unseen situation in the CSGO market.

Almost every team from every region is undergoing roster changes. Except, the roster finalisations are yet to come.

Also, the BLAST Premier Spring Groups announcement has surely hastened up the process. EG too announced their roster for 2022. As we all know, it is the NA dream team.

More and more teams are looking out for tried and tested professionals and prodigies. The young Guns are getting signed in big teams. M0NESY, B1t and Zywoo form core members of their respective teams.

The NA Esports scene has long only reclused to itself. Currently, the same trend returns to the NA circuit. Though, a solid Major winning roster still needs establishing.

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Is Nitr0 joining back Team Liquid?

Moreover, ESports pros feel the NA Esports scene is dying. Most pros steer away from North American organisations because of that.

North America needs to stop hyping unnecessarily. Finally, it’s time to let results speak for themselves. A lot can happen with consistency.

Furthermore, Pro players keep shifting career paths. It does affect the focus significantly when moving from Esports title to the next.

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