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CSGO Roster Changes: Nitr0 confirms return with Team Liquid

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nitr0 returns to CSGO with Team Liquid as IGL for 2022 and beyond

Nitr0 was one of the members of the CSGO Team Liquid roster. After a failed venture with 100T Valorant, Nicholas Cannella makes a return to CSGO.

Nitr0 has returned to the fray. But, a lot has happened since he left CSGO.

Consequently, Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella has left a lot behind in Valorant as the 2022 season starts. But, the failed venture with 100T Valorant left a lot to be desired by the CSGO Elite.

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CSGO has remained a staple FPS Esports for over 2 decades now. Back when Counter-Strike was first launched, no one expected the meteoric rise of the Valve masterpiece.

Nitr0 has returned to CSGO after more than a year in Valorant.

Also, with the fame of the PGL Stockholm Major 2021, a lot of pros started rethinking their career options. The same is true for a few pros in CSGO, as the dominance of NaVi continues.

It is about weighing the options right. Furthermore, timing is key. Yet, NaVi and old Astralis are teams that have maintained peaks for extended periods.

Nitr0 makes a return in one of the most chaotic times in the CSGO Esports market. But, NA misses a good IGL.

To be honest, Nitr0 made a pretty good name for himself in CSGO. But, 5 years and no Majors with Liquid made him shift to Valorant.

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Will more NA pros make a return to CSGO ESports?

The same is true for Autimatic, even though he won a Major. With Stewie2k’s exit and Fallen removed, Team Liquid wanted to make the roster changes fast as the BLAST Premier Springs approach.

Fallen could not live up to Liquid’s expectations. The Brazillian AWPer is a two-time Major winner. But, with NaVi’s exponential rise to greatness, no team could stand a chance.

2022 could be a different story. Except, it takes time to coordinate and cover for teammates’ mistakes.

It might take some time for Nitr0, to get back up to speed. But, he definitely will be exploring his options to win a Major.

NaVi is a team that is battle-hardened over years. As the meta keeps shifting, maybe, NA CSGO finds its footing back again.

Nitr0 joining the Team Liquid CSGO roster might be the beginning of a new chapter.

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