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S1mple says the Last Dance got nothing against NaVi.

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NaVi s1mple Fallen Last Dance, s1mple says Last Dance ain't got nothing against NaVi

NaVi s1mple thinks Last Dance can do nothing about NaVi at the moment. A battle call out or the reality of the CSGO Pro circuit?

FalleN recently left Team Liquid behind to start a new project. It is called  Last Dance, an all Brazillian CSGO roster with a dream to win Major.

At the same time, a new dynasty has arisen in the CSGO world. NaVi nation is flying its colours high, as they continue to dominate.

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On top of that, new roster changes are not efficient from the get-go. It takes quite some time to build up confidence and synergy. Unless they are God gamers and it is definitely possible.

Lores of teams who have done that are ripe. OG is such a team that won TI8 in such a fashion. But, this is CSGO.

Even though the game has been played for over two decades now, such a feat has not been pulled off. CSGO is a game of constant practice.

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo has just gotten the roster together. There is still quite some time to BLAST Premiers and to Majors of course. Yet, it is still a tall order.

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NaVi vs Last Dance, s1mple vs FalleN. How will that matchup end?

S1mple and NaVi on the other hand are in prime form. S1mple has never been deadlier or more proficient at CSGO.

6 LANS back to back, including PGL Major Stockholm. Also, the winner of the Intel Grand Slam CSGO.

Currently, Sasha’s confidence is at a different level. And as an AWPer he has racked up 8 MVPs in 2021 alone.

On top of that, b1t, ELectronic, Perfecto and IGL Booml4 have been explosive. NaVi won PGL without dropping a single map.

Therefore, the journey will be quite difficult for Last Dance. Furthermore, they have no organisation at the moment.

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Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev stated the following:

“Last dance not gonna do anything. I’m telling you right now. They are not gonna do anything against my team They can win one game in one year but nothing else.

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