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Rumours and details of an alternative Regional Tournaments in place of the DPC Winter Major 2022. Also a 20 team TI in works?

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SUNSfan TI11 2022 DPC Winter Major Regional Tourneys 20 team TI 6 regionals

DPC Winter Major is cancelled but, there are talks of Regional with prize pool and DPC points. Currently, there are still rumours and nothing is concrete.

A lot of teams were looking forward to playing the Winter Majors 2022. Everyone was hyped after the shocking Team Spirit TI10 win. But, the pandemic has plagued the Esports scene yet again.

Valve has cancelled the event amidst growing Omicron fears. Instead, rumours of Valve organising Regional Tournaments rise strongly on Social Media.

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Dota 2 Caster and content creator, SUNSfan, confirmed the possibility. But, Valve or any other regional event organisers are yet to confirm the details.

Hence, still a rumour. Undermentioned are details that were mentioned by Nicholas “SUNSfan” Scotten.

The source of rumours for DPC Regionals following the cancelled Winter Major.

SUNSfan is a longtime content creator of Dota 2. Known for memes and good times, SUNSfan is loved by Dota 2 fans.

SUNSfan frequently posts Vlogs and reactions on Youtube. His long-running show, “We Say Things” EP -135, aired a couple of days ago with a spicy title.

It is titled: “BREAKING NEWS about the Major and TI”. Nicholas’ sources have confirmed the fact. The pro players/management from different teams have revealed that a  Regional Tournament is to be held in each region.

Hence, there are supposed to be 6 Regional Tournaments in total.

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He further goes on to say that the 6 tournaments will have DPC points on the line. Furthermore, the prize pool for the regionals is $100,000.

According to Nicholas “SUNSfan” Scotten, Valve has sent Emails to teams notifying them of the fact. Except, there is more information.

There is also rumours of a change in The International 2022 (TI11) format.

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20 Team TI11 and Chance of Wildcards after the end to TI Qualifiers?

Traditional TIs have always kept 18 teams in contention. Two groups of 9 teams each.

The 9th team is eliminated and the rest of the teams move on to the main event. But, all that might be changing.

This is the comment from SUNSfan:

“After the TI qualifiers are over this year, they (Valve) will take the second and third place teams from the TI qualifiers and put them on LAN somewhere before TI11. So, that’s 12 teams because it’s six regions, six times two. Out of those 12 teams, the top two go to TI. There are going to be 20 teams at TI with two groups of 10 and four teams are going to be eliminated from the group stage. So, all the teams have been contacted about this already.”

So, fingers crossed. We are still awaiting Winter Major prize pool redistribution updates. But, the regional tourneys instead of DPC Winter Major may be a welcome addition.

The prize pool overall would be smaller. Yet, every team receives a piece of the pie. Pros threatening to boycott Tour 2 Major may have gotten the job done.

In the meantime, such news is music to the ears. More teams mean more chaos. More variables mean more uncertainty. Therefore, TI11 will be a pleasure to feast the eyes on.

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