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CSGO Roster changes: EG officially confirms Autimatic and Stewie2k to their CSGO roster for 2022 and beyond.

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EG CSGO roster cnfirmation, autimatic and stewie2k join

EG officially confirms Autimatic and Stewie2k joining their CSGO roster. Is the NA dream team ready at all for what lies ahead?

NA always advertised itself as a premium ESports market. But, with underperformance over years, the general interest is waning among organisations to continue operations.

Amidst the chaos, new teams rise to make a statement. Evil Geniuses look to take that narrative here.

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Evil Geniuses have always tried to invade the CSGO scene. But, they never had the formula with efficacy for the win.

Back in the CS source era though, they were a force to be reckoned with. But, the final seasons left a bad taste in EG’s mouth.

Evil Geniuses were inactive to Counter-Strike for over 7 years.

From 2012 to 2019, they were inactive in CSGO. But, their return meant nothing then.

But right now, they want to make a statement. 3 out of 5 members from supposedly the best NA squad ever.

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Their current roster looks as follows:

BrehzeVincent Cayonte2019-09-26 [1]
CeRqTsvetelin Dimitrov2019-09-26 [1]
Stewie2K(IGL)Jacky Yip2022-01-18 [32]
autimaticTimothy Ta2022-01-19 [33]
RUSHWilliam WierzbaTBA
maLeK (Coach)Damien Marcel2021-12-24 [30]

Both CeRq and Brehze were playing for EG for some time now. Autimatic, Stewie2k and RUSH have been confirmed will be joining the EG CSGO roster soon.

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Autimatic and Stewie2k have been confirmed to join EG CSGO roster yesterday.

The official announcement for Timothy “Autimatic” Ta and Jacky “Stewie2k” Yip came yesterday. Hence, we are still waiting for confirmation on RUSH joining the roster.

Tarik has already left EG and is now currently inactive. Furthermore, Autimatic has not played professional CSGO for a while now. Therefore, getting up to speed will be key to winning championships and eventually, Majors.

Stewie2k, RUSH, Autimatic, Tarik and Skadoodle were members of the major winning Cloud9 squad. 2018 was the year to win it for NA teams at ELEAGUE Boston Major.

But, that is over 3 years now. NA needs a win desperately. Maybe, the dream team is the saving grace.

To sum up, NaVi and s1mple’s dominance would make it difficult for any team in 2022.

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