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Valorant to CSGO: nitr0 ‘s transfer to Team Liquid CSGO roster finalized.

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nitr0 to liquid csgo from 100t valorant

Nitr0 is confirmed to finally move to the Team Liquid CSGO roster. He has waved goodbye to his short run in Valorant.

Nitro moved to Valorant away from his supposedly Major winning Liquid roster. Now, nitr0 makes a return to CSGO.

He has been taken in by his old home. Yet, his decision earlier in 2020 and now in 2021 causes some unique circumstances.

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Let us delve into the context, the current events and the fallout of the decisions.

Nitr0 moved to Valorant from CSGO. Now he is back.

Nick “nitr0” Cannella ‘s transfer to Team Liquid’s CS:GO team has been finalized. Sources have confirmed who are familiar with the current state of affairs. 100 Thieves announced nitr0’s imminent transfer earlier this week following the transfer of steel to T1.

The team enjoyed continued success throughout the VCT season, including a semifinal, run in Masters Berlin. But, fell short of automatic Champions qualification via circuit points.

Weeks before 100T’s NA LCQ appearance, the team unexpectedly benched Steel. He has replaced with b0i, the team’s analyst, and nitr0 was made in-game leader.

However, 100T‘s LCQ run ended in the lower bracket final. After a 1-2 loss to Cloud9, they were eliminated from Champions contention.

With the Valorant offseason underway, reports of nitr0’s return to CS:GO began to circulate. Sources confirmed that nitr0’s transfer to Liquid is finalized.

And, he will reunite with former teammates Elige and NAF, with whom he won the Intel Grand Slam.

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How will the current CSGO scene get affected?

The 100Thieves already has a gaping hole. As Steel moved to T1, nitr0 decided to take a step back.

At the same time, Elige is considering a move to Valorant, likely for 100T or Team Liquid itself. But, nitro’s return changes things.

Nicholas Cannella was an IGL for Team Liquid Major winning the CSGO roster. Now, the question remains about Stewie2k, Grim and most importantly Fallen.

Stewie2k is already exhausted from the repeated upsets at important matches. All that happened because nitr0 suddenly decided to abandon ship for 100T Valorant.

So, the next logical question is: “Will nitr0’s return bring the mojo back for Team Liquid?” Guess only time will tell.

Hopefully, all pans out well for the North American CSGO giants. Liquid nitr0 CSGO hype is real!

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