A certain North Korean defector brings stories of Dota 2 popularity in North Korea.

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|Published 11/01/2022

North Korea is known for its ironclad governance with no internet. News of the popularity of Dota 2 in North Korea has now hit social media.

North Korea is one of the most secretive nations on earth. The dictator ruled the government has its borders closed for pretty much anyone. But, where there is a will there is away.

Over years, a lot of people have defected from the regime. A lot of stories of the once-secret regime was finally out in the open.

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Does the post basically state what the N Korea thinks of MOBA? More importantly Dota 2 or League of Legends?

Do North Korean civilians play Dota 2? But, Meta?

Currently, social media is ripe with news of gaming from North Korea. Honestly, the difference is still stark North and South of the border. In terms of soci0cultural developments, there has not been much.

But, gaming is now seen as a viable career option in many parts of the world. Though, it is still a high-risk high reward career strategy. But, ranking N. Korea as a third world country is acutely wrong, even in modern times.

There was a Reddit post mentioning the fame and growth of ESports titles in the nation. Since there is no internet, people would play at LAN parties.

Yes, ya heard it right. Actual LAN parties of 5v5, because of course there is no other way to compete amongst one another. Furthermore, there is more to share on the posted interview.

Except, for the language barrier we could not make out everything. But, we do know quite a lot.

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N Koreans see Dota 2 as an integral part of their society.

Dota 2 is seen in North Korea as something a young person should know. In some ways, Dota 2 has integrated itself into the everyday lives of the North Korean populace.

The game found its way into the country when the borders between China, Russia and n Korea were resolved in Pyongyang. That is the place where Dota 2 first started in N Korea.

At the moment, Dota 2 seems a piece of common knowledge in N Korea. As the defector mentions:

“Dota 2 is something we used to play when I was back there. It had a decent following. In N Korea, you are not considered a man if you cannot play  Dota 2. We could not play any games online, and we do not any knowledge how the rest of the world plays the game. But, Dota 2 has certainly impacted out society a lot back in N Korea.

Strange, but true. Maybe, the day that N Korea opens its borders to the world is arriving soon enough. Presumably, in this decade?

Meanwhile, stay safe and be careful when outside in the Tsunami of Infections.

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