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Valorant Neon Ability Guide: High Gear, Slide and OverDrive. How to make the most out of it?

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Valorant Neon ability guide, master neon agent 18 filipina

The Dev team at Valorant has provided us with a new masterpiece. Here is an extensive ability guide to Valorant Agent 18, Neon.

Valorant’s newest agent Neon is one of the most agile ones in the game. With low equip times and unique ability sets, one can find clever ways to end enemies.

The ability pool helps to make a lasting impact in matches. As a duelist, The Filipina agent can rival the likes of Jett mains and Reyna entry fraggers.

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Her pseudo-controller abilities provide a multitude of options to defend and hold sites as well. Let’s take a look at how to make the most out of mobility talents.

Valorant Neon Signature ability: High Gear(Sprint).

High Gear is Neon’s signature ability. The aforementioned is a basic guide to master a crucial ability on Valorant Neon.

Every movement ability has a unique noise associated with it. So, the enemy can know your position rather easily. Footsteps are loud while sprinting and ult of course.

Though simple, the mechanics have certain kinks to remember. With High Gear, Neon can sprint 33% faster forwards and backwards. Strafing left and right does not use the ability.

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But, the charge depletes continuously until cancelled with slide or bringing out a weapon. The charge replenishes completely from zero in a minute. The charge ends in 15 seconds from 100 to zero.

Furthermore, one can replenish the charge through kills. 25 charges per kill to be precise. The charge has a synced duration with OverDrive, which goes on for 20 seconds. More on that later.

Moreover, the charge replenishes even when dead. So, if a sage player resurrects one, one can expect a full charge on sprint if revived after 55 seconds.

Since High Gear is a signature, it costs nothing to use in a round. Though, it only has two charges unless Neon has OverDrive.

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Valorant Neon Talent: Electric Slide.

The Slide is an additional ability that can be used with High Gear(Sprint) in tandem. Sliding also helps cancel the Sprint ability.

Since it is a part of the signature ability, it costs nothing. Sliding lasts for about a second and activates with the alt-fire button. Default is mouse Right-click.

The slide can only be activated while sprinting forward. Also, it can be activated only once per round. Unless, like other duelists, Neon gets two kills while or after using her ability.

Furthermore, the slide can be replenished with OverDrive too. As usual, Neon cannot use her abilities when suppressed. But, one can make some sick plays with Slide.

The synergy between High Gear, Slide and OverDrive is immense.

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Valorant Neon Ultimate ability: OverDrive(Zappy Zap)

Overdrive is a short to mid-range nuke that does 22-10 dmg per tick. The damage falloff depends on the distance to the target of course.

The Zappy Laser has some unique mechanics but, feels quite familiar in other regards. It is similar to Reyna ult in a way that it cannot be cancelled once activated.

Though, it can be replenished continuously with kills. 25 charges per kill, much like High Gear.

Sprint is replenished on the double, and slide can be used once during ult duration again, if used once in the round before. The buff does not stay once dead and revived.

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Also, shift walking while ult has the same speed, and is one of the most accurate damage skills. Sprinting or sliding does not affect accuracy at all. But, there are a couple of cases where accuracy is all over the place.

One is jumping and the other is rappeling. Furthermore, at close ranges, it does 440 dmg in 1 second with area damage. It helps in mowing down enemies. 20 ticks per second, so 440DPS.

Moreover, the ability has an infinite range, but beyond 50m it only does 200 DPS. But, some players can find unique ways to use the ability.

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That is all in the Valorant ability guide to master Neon, Valorant Agent 18. Do check our guide on Mastering Spaces with Neon.

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