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S1mple gets a Rampage in Dota 2. A new game for CSGO veteran to master?

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dota 2 rampage for Sasha S1mple Kostyliev

CSGO Major winner S1mple got a rampage in Dota 2 with a LifeStealer. Is Sasha going pro in Valve’s prized MOBA?

Simple made an epic play in an Online Game. But, it is not CSGO. Not an FPS by any means.

It is Valve’s ESports MOBA, Defense of The Ancients 2: Reborn. 12 years of Beta has created the most competitive and highest payout Esports title.

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S1mple is the best gamer to ever touch CSGO. But, is there any chance that Sasha rivals the Dota 2 Gods?

Ace in CS:GO, Ace in Dota 2?

In a recently posted Twitch clip, S1mple is seen playing LifeStealer Carry. He is enabled by Slardar(whom he infested), Lich, Mirana and a mid Puck.

The fight started off as Puck got ganked by the entire enemy team. It was AntiMage, in conjunction with Techies, Clinkz, Rubik and Pangolier.

The battle is a good example of counter-initiation and a clean teamfight. Currently, Dota 2 patch tends more towards strength heroes. The last meta was Agi meta through and through.

Also, LifeStealer has an insane nuke potential with Infest bomb. Moreover, the free Magical immunity from Rage makes LS broken in Midgame.

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Auto-attacks, with Desolator and Armlet of Mordiggan, made life easier. Easy game, easy rampage. But, in all honesty, not as easy as it sounds.

Carry in CounterStrike, Carry in Dota 2?

S1mple had a superb support crew. They helped in the following manner:

  • Lich ultimate Chain Frost is a nuke that bounces between enemies. The bounces decimated Clinkz, Techies and Rubik.
  • Slardar has a Slithereen Crush, Bash of the Deep and Corrosive Haze. The passive bash makes life extremely difficult for enemies, along with constant vision and amplified damage from SS.

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  • Mirana provides Moonlight Shadow for invisibility and Sacred Arrow for long-duration stuns. A decent amount of follow up is provided with Starstorm and Leap auto-attack.

Puck died defending itself. But, its SS, Dream Coil created havoc among enemy ranks, due to leash and stun on break. But, it was enough to lockdown and initiate on the enemy team.

The timing of the team fight setup has to be perfect. One misclick can end the battle in disaster. Though, the rampage would not have been possible without 322 from AM.

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S1mple going pro in Dota 2?

It is a tall order to shift Esports titles completely. Difficult is an understatement when you move from FPS to MOBA.

It would be like asking Valentino Rossi to compete in F1. Or, Lewis Hamilton in MotoGP. But, nothing is impossible.

There also has been news of EG Arteezy playing Valorant and NGX Miracle’s adventures in CSGO pubs. Maybe, S1mple Dota 2 Rampage is just the beginning.

It would be an honour to have Sasha “S1mple” Kostyliev onboard. But, all things considered, Sasha is not ready enough for Dota 2 Professional Circuit.

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