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An overview of the most picked Dota 2 heroes of the DPC Winter Tour 2022.

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Most picked Dota 2 heroes from the DPC

The DPC Winter Tour qualifiers are almost at their end. Let us look at what Dota 2 heroes have dominated DPC in the last 8 weeks.

The DPC Winter Tour has been quite exciting. Most of the big teams have taken a serious downfall.

But, much can be attributed to the drafting phase of the game. It is important to understand what your hero draft is supposed to achieve.

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To be honest, some heroes are more broken than others. While others find their place in the draft for a particular strategy, or as a viable alternate.

Yet, it has to be mentioned, that the last few patches have nerfed a lot of heroes. As a result, few heroes rose to the top of the meta picks.

Undermentioned are hero win-rates and pick-rates from each DPC region in the Winter Tour Qualifiers. We also look at the reasons for the pick, and what do we expect next patch.

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DPC most picked Dota 2 heroes across multiple regions.

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Here is the list of most picked heroes across all DPC regions:

  1. Bane (197 games)
  2. Mars (147 games)
  3. SnapFire (145 games)
  4. Queen of Pain (143 games)
  5. Weaver (132 games)

Chain stunning and lockdown are important aspects of team fight in Dota 2. Hence, both Bane and Mars have risen to the top of the pick rates.

Moreover, they have decent win rates to back up their increased likelihood of getting drafted. Though, it has to be mentioned that Bane has an insane win to lose ratio. Especially, in the WEU region.

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Bane is the most picked Hero in all 6 regions through DPC tour 1.

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Bane has a 7-second Nightmare, followed by a 6-second Fiend’s Grip(11 at level 25 with talent). Two targets are completely removed from the fight.

On the other hand, Mars is quite good at tanking and area control. Furthermore, provides a decent amount of lockdown as well as crowd control.

All other heroes are picked for single target damage. Queen of Pain is the dominant mid because of this reason. Also, she has a low cooldown Blink for mobility.

Weaver on the other hand has been picked as support or hard support more. The utility of Aghanim’s Scepter is amazing whenever it gets online. Hence, Timelapse is possibly a second life for your teammates.

There are no patches for a while up ahead. Hence, these Dota 2 heroes from DPC can be your MMR Savers.

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