IEM Katowice History : List of all CSGO IEM Katowice Winners.

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|Published February 15, 2022

The IEM Katowice is a CSGO tradition with a rich tournament history. Here is a list of all winners of CSGO IEM Katowice.

The Intel Extreme Masters is one of the few tourneys that has remained stable for almost a decade now. But, it had rather humble beginnings.

ESL started the longest-running Esports tour as a collaboration with Intel in 2006. Then in the first season, IEM was organised for CS 1.6 and Warcraft III.

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When Valve released CSGO in 2012, it took IEM to sky-high fame. Finally, in Season VIII (2014), the IEM saw its first iteration of IEM Katowice at the Spodek Arena.

Yet, 2021 at Katowice was omitted due to pandemic restrictions. At the moment, ESL has decided to run the event offline again under strict supervision.

A few teams have already been pulled out due to positive Covid19 tests. Complexity and Tyloo Gaming have been replaced by Movistar Riders and Sprout.

IEM Katowice for CSGO started in 2014 with Virtus Pro as winners in Season VIII.

With the current state, IEM cannot reach a more superlative echelon. Here is a chronology of all winners at Katowice across all seasons:

2014 Virtus.Pro

2015 Fnatic

2016 Fnatic

2017 Astralis

2018 Fnatic

2019 Astralis

2020 NaVi

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Current details of IEM Katowice 2022.

The 24 invited teams will compete for prize money and Tour points for ESL and BLAST Premier. Currently, the prize pool stands at $1 million which are to be distributed as follows.

Place$ USDTeam

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Circuit Points
PlaceESL Pro TourBLAST Premier
1st1800 pts3200 pts
2nd1400 pts1600 pts
3rd – 4th1100 pts1000 pts
5th – 6th825 pts300 pts
7th – 8th575 pts300 pts
9th – 12th325 pts
13th – 16th125 pts
17th – 20th60 pts

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