HumbleGod Ana returns to the fray with T1 Dota 2.

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Ana, the legendary carry player, has returned to professional Dota 2 yet again. This time the humblegod plays Dota 2 as T1 Ana.

Ana is a mystical personality in Dota 2. He has a unique playstyle and a completely different perspective of how to play the game.

Yet, as unorthodox he is, he has won The International twice in a row. His exploits alongside the original OG Dota 2 roster is not unbeknownst.

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Ana’s status in Dota 2 transcends legends. Over years he has pulled off feats that were deemed impossible.

SEA Dota 2 has struggled more than most regions. The Aegis of Champions never reached the South East Asia region.

HumbleGod started playing Dota 2 regularly in December.

Be it skill gap or misfortune, it has never been a complete success story for any SEA organisation. There only has been a few short bursts of greatness, that got snuffed out pretty easily.

Anathan “Ana” Pham belongs from Australia. The last few weeks have been incessant ranked matches for him. Ana is averaging between 14 to 16 games a day.

Currently, he sits over 9k MMR while playing with and against the biggest names from Asia in the SEA server. Chinese players too, frequent the SEA servers.

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T1 is pushing to become the first team from SEA to win a TI. Hence, Ana is a chief part of that idea. The two-time tea-eye winner is yet to retire from the game completely.

Ana announced his retirement from Dota 2 early last year. By December, we noticed him playing games from his alt-account.

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T1 Ana is the only Dota 2 carry player who has won multiple Aegis of Champions- TI8 and TI9.

There have been a number of rumours floating on the worldwide web regarding Ana’s return. This news certainly puts them to rest.

Hopefully, Ana can maintain his legendary status. Also, if Ana and T1 lift the Aegis of Champions, it will be a hattrick for Ana God.

Though, it will take some time for Ana to get used to team dynamics. But, it is a surety that the GOAT of Dota 2 looks to win another TI.

Let there be no doubt – Ana transcends the legendary status. As a result, his return will cause problems for many teams in the world.

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There is no official confirmation from Ana or T1, yet.

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