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Is Anatham “ANA” Pham returning to competitive Dota 2 in 2022?

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is ana returning to dota 2 in 2022

ANA retired from Dota 2 last year after winning The Internationals for a second time. But, he has yet again returned to his old ways in pubs.

Ana is regarded as one of the most aggressive and Brainard Position 1 players to ever touch Dota 2. He finds his strength in persistence and isolation.

Last year, Anatham “ANA” Pham announced his departure from Professional Dota 2 for good. But, his dominating re-emergence in pubs suggests, maybe a different route?

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So, is Ana returning back to the fray? Is he ready for the challenge of Hattrick of TIs?

Anatham has played Dota 2 for quite some time now. He has been the saviour of OG in the darkest hours.

To be honest, Ana’s playstyle is mystical. Most pros cannot make a stand against him, let alone with him.

The Searing Memory of Ana Spectre and Topson defending against the entire PSG LGD is still fresh. N0tail did discover a gem of a team after Fly’s departure in late 2017.

The OG squad was really OG. Fearless Topson, Unstoppable Ana, Skilful Jerax, Mastermind Ceb and Charming Captain Notail. A legendary squad indeed.

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Anatham “Ana” Pham has played 77 dota 2 pub games in the last 8 days.

Anatham “Ana” Pham is an Australian national. He used to play the position of Solo Mid when he was younger. At 22, HumbleGod Ana is still one of the wealthiest gamers to date.

Recently, Ana was seen playing in the pubs. In fact, he has been seen playing 80 pub games in the last 8 days.

So, is HumbleGog Ana prepping for his triumphant return. But, if he does where would he like to play.

Dec 29, 2021 stats Dots 2 Pubs

More importantly, are there any teams willing to take him in? What about the old gang?

Jerax returned from retirement to play with EG. So, is n0tail, Ceb and Topson also returning to old ways next year?

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Is Ana returning? Is there any team that takes him in?

BigDaddy N0tail always makes space for HumbleGod as soon he returns to the pro scene. But, with n0tail exit and the old squad missing, OG needs to think closely if Ana does make a return.

So, will Topias “Topson” and  Yohan “N0tail” return to the pro scene. But, we have to consider some other options as well.

If Ana does not find a place in the European Squads or the Evil Geniuses, China is an obvious option.

Ana was discovered because of his spoils at the CDEC invitational in 2016. And, considering his origins, China may be a definite option.

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Happy holidays everyone!!

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