Valorant to CSGO: Autimatic has potentially returned to CSGO amidst T1 Valorant woes.

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|Published December 23, 2021

Autimatic was one of the more prolific CSGO pros who transferred to T1 from Cloud9 to play Valorant. Yet again, Autimatic reconsiders his career choices.

Timothy “Autimatic” Ta was once a part of the biggest NA Esports project – Cloud 9. But, continued disasters at professional tournaments made him rethink his career path.

Accolades are something every person career-oriented wants. Yet, in a team sport, a lot depends on everyone’s shoulders.

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A lot of Pro-gamers moved over to Valorant from other titles to ride the wave of fame. But sadly, most cannot rely on their skills when it really matters.

Autimatic moved to Valorant on the 4th of February, 2021.

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Autimatic departed from CS:GO early this year, to try his fortune in Valorant. But, the Esports Gods would not heed his prayers.

Instead, he was gifted with sheer amounts of Losses and heartbreaks. There is not a single title under the belt of T1 in 2021.

Timothy Ta is one of the more versatile players in the NA Esports scene. His primary role is that of entry fragger/lurker.

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He even played as IGL (In-game leader) for certain teams. But alas, T1 could not make it work with Autimatic. It is shameful for T1 not to be able to utilise a player of calibre like Autimatic.

Consequently, Autimatic now wants to get back to his old ways. Timothy Ta sure wants his mojo back. He had quite a run while he was at Cloud 9.

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Will Timothy return to his old ways in CSGO?

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But, then he transferred to GenG, due to problems with the Cloud9 management. During his stay at Cloud 9, he made good friends.Stewie2K was one of them.

Now, he wants to return to his better days. He wants to get back to his winning ways in CSGO. There is no doubt about it.

The real question is, who signs Timothy “Autimatic” Ta? So, would he be getting back within Stewie2K?

Autimatic ‘s shift between Valorant-CSGO will have a break-in period. As it stands two teams come to mind:

1 Team Liquid

2 Cloud 9

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But, his recent changes on his Twitter account suggests a particular team – Cloud 9. The Profile Pic shows Autimatic in Cloud 9 overalls.

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