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Streamer News: Youtube ambles on towards Twitch as Valkyrae signs a deal of continuity.

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Valkyrae signs a deal of continuity with Youtube for 2022 and beyond.

Live streamer Valkyrae signs a deal again with Youtube for 2022 and beyond. Can Youtube keep up with Twitch?

Youtube lost its bearings a few years ago when they had to shut down YoutubeGaming. Yet, Twitch continues to grow massively.

The once separate division now resides as a Channel/landing page on the Youtube Platform. It is called Gaming.

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Google’s push towards subscription-based business is ongoing. Hence, the video-sharing/streaming platform makes a vital part of the project.

Valkyrae posted a satirical video on her signing with Youtube.

Not just Valkyrae, over the last two years YT is steadily acquiring popular personalities. Dr Lupo, TimtheTatman, Dr Disrespect, Ludwig, et cetera.

Valkyrae is the streamer handle for Rachel Hofstetter. She rose to fame in mid to late 2020. Though, it has to be mentioned she too started on Twitch.

Eventually, she moved to Youtube. Rachel is one of the top female influencers of 2021. Hence, it makes sense for the Google-owned platform to acquire her.

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Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter is trying to become the most influential female in gaming.

Pokimane is a fellow friend and competitor. The face of Twitch lost out to Rae in the number of hours watched.

But, there is news about Poki switching her platform. The confirmation will be received in a week or so. YouTube can take a chance there as well.

Valkyrae rose to the peak with AmongUs and RUST streams. The role-playing servers boosted her to fame exponentially. But, her fame skyrocketed in Q4 due to a controversy.

Rachel’s idea of the cosmetics business would fail terribly. Honestly, it was her oversight that caused massive backlash from the online community. But, we can never know if it was cyberbullying or actual concern.

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RFLCT was a production oversight from Valkyrae.

Rachel Hofstetter is also the co-owner of 100Thieves. Hence, her permanent shift to Youtube has serious implications for Twitch.

Over years, multiple celebrities have faced problems at the hands of Twitch. More so, after Bezos acquired the Platform last year.

Hopefully, Valkyrae can conquer her future endeavours. There’s something about Valkyrae that viewers clearly just love to watch.

May Odin watch over her.

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