Mexican Cartels use GTA online for recruiting new members.

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|Published January 27, 2022

Mexico’s murderous cartels are playing GTA online to employ gamers online, it has been reported. It is quite a concerning discovery.

Police think gangs are preying on players. But, turned up with little confirmation. Yet, a drug runner reveals how she ended up with 60 kg of methamphetamine.

Customs and Border Protection officers in Arizona reports the case. They discovered Alyssa Navarro with the massive haul of drugs. It was found inside a Jeep.

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Navarro explains how. Nearly 11 months ago she is playing GTA online. It is the online version of GTA V.

Eventually, she meets a man called George who begins contacting her over the game. That is before they got talking on Snapchat.

Online Gaming is now becoming a portal for criminal recruitment.

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Alyssa adds that they ultimately meet in Phoenix. Furthermore, George offers her up to $2000 per job as a ‘ runner’.

Her job is driving electronics through the US border. Except, it was not all electronics to be precise.

Federal investigators found George promised Navarro “a lot of capital”. Also, an offer to use a truck which officials believe is the Jeep she was stopped in.

Navarro receives instructions to meet someone called Alfredo in Mexico. Then, Alfredo hands the vehicle over to her. She gets counsel to stop off at petrol stations until she meets another unidentified individual.

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Drug cartels are known for smuggling drugs into electronics. But, in this case, the narcotics are run down by border guards. It was hidden in the fuel tank.

When investigators asked Navarro if she knows the whole thing was odd or dodgy. Finally, she admits that it sounded strange. She also mentions truly asking herself, “What am I doing?” during her bus travel to Mexico.

Navarro asserts not guilty to charges of conspiracy.  Currently, she is charged with importing and dealing methamphetamine. Also, charges of possession are added.

The US Department of Justice is currently prosecuting Alyssa Navarro. There is no report on rulings yet.

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Not just GTA online, multiple other online games have been reported with Criminal activity over years.

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A month before the incident, three children were employed over Free Fire. The police in Oaxaca, Mexico reported. FreeFire is a free to play Battle Royale from Garena.

Various narcotics crews, including the Sinaloa Cartel, are using the platforms. They are reaching out to children late at night on games. But, more so on GTA Online.

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Computer games are proving sharply popular for other kinds of prepping. They are growing social hotspots for millions of people. Consequently, people spend time with old friends and make new ones.

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Online gaming has the option to be anonymous. Hence, it is rapidly growing in popularity among criminals.

Gamers used to play GTA online missions for in-game Mexican Cartels. Except, now it is a reality.

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