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Xiao8 found innocent of accusations as PSG.LGD completes their investigation into allegations of Dota 2 TI10 matchfixing.

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PSG LGD Coach Xiao8 has been declared innocent of Matchfixing allegations

Dota 2 coach for PSG.LGD, xiao8, is declared innocent of matchfixing accusations, put forward by his ex-wife. Did PSG.LGD really throw TI10?

Xiao8 found himself wrapped in a serious predicament post TI10 loss to Team Spirit in grand finals. Allegations rose strongly in Chinese social media of match-fixing scandal.

A few weeks ago, PSG.LGD announced an independent investigation into the matter. Now, they have put forward their verdict officially regarding Xiao8.

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So, what really happened? The event is an example of manipulation and how fake news circulates like wildfire.

The lamb to slaughter for the Chinese viewers’ disdain.

PSG.LGD lost spectacularly to Team Spirit in the Grand Finals. No one was really sure what happened?

Starting from the drafting phase, something was off. To be honest, the title was lost right then and there, before game 5 even started.

Xiao8 was accused of match fixing against his own team. The accusation came after LGD shockingly decided not to ban Magnus, eventually leading to loss.

There are also other factors at play. China has not won a TI since 2016, considering the domination in the early TI years.

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MatchFixing allegations on Xiao8 are absolutely false as confirmed by PSG.LGD.

PSG.LGD themselves have appeared in Grand finals 3 times. But, apparently, the third time is not the charm.

As negative emotions spread through the Chinese community, Xiao8’s ex-wife took the opportunity to mislead people. In her words, “Xiao8 is the reason we lost TI10”.

But, as it stands Xiao8 has been declared innocent of all allegations including matchfixing. Also, this event is a stark reminder to never judge someone whom you do not know personally.

Social Media has turned people into sheep, all bleating and blathering what the last person said, with no real clue. Also, the herd mentality is exceptionally underwhelming. None are shepherds in this abyss.

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The gaming community needs to be more careful before blaming anyone at all.

We are pretty sure that Zhang “Xiao8” Ning would not ask for a public apology from the Chinese community. Undoubtedly, he has given his life to the betterment of the Chinese gaming community.

In his own words:

“I think a coach is just a helper. The most significant factor of playing well is how the players perform.

Just try to be nice to people. We, who do not have what it takes for reaching the MainStage, have no right to judge. Hence, we have no right to condemn.

Above, we can see normalcy finally returning to PSG.LGD practice camp.

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Since all triviality has been taken care of, Chinese DPC shall now commence from January 3rd, 2022.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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