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Xiao8 betting allegations: Xiao8, the Dota 2 Coach of PSG.LGD, has been accused by his ex-wife of betting against his own team in the TI10 finals

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Xiao8 with Y

Xiao8 and team PSG.LGD has been accused of betting and match-fixing on the world stage after a massive social media meltdown due to loss in the TI10 Grand finals.

Team Spirit won the TI 10 grand finals against PSG.LGD after some masterclass performance. TSpirit will be celebrated as a Trojan Horse in the tournament’s history. They have arisen from the Eastern European Tier-2 and Tier-3 Dota 2 circuits.

In the Final Game of BO5, TSpirit convincingly decimated PSG.LGD line up in the Late stages much like Game 1 and Game 2. They were also congratulated by the Russian High Command, Vladimir Putin.

Tensions are high and emotions are down after multiple social media attacks at PSG.LGD camp

The story on the other side is much direr. With massive Social Media meltdowns and general disappointment due to pandemics, blaming and flaming seems to be the trend.
After social media hate, PSG.LGD now faces yet another allegation.
Xiao8 with PSG LGD
Xiao8 with PSG LGD as stand-in

Longtime PSG.LGD coach/ex-player has been alleged by his ex-wife that he bet against his own team. This has been suspected owing to a 0-2 trailing score, then, a 2-3 loss to TSpirit.

Another major suspicion was, not banning TSpirit Collapse’s Signature hero, Magnus. But, It could also be said that PSG.LGD might not have coverlooked it in the heat of the moment.

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Chinese Dota 2: PSG.LGD’s coach accused of Betting scandal

The shenanigans that Xiao8, PSG.LGD’s coach has been accused of, may potentially have been involved in the TI 10 finals. However, as for the actual proof that Xiao8’s ex-wife posted, it shows betting on a PSG.LGD vs Aster match in the China Dota 2 Pro Cup from 2020.

They argued their loss was due to a lack of early-game aggression. Then,  a Tier-2 tower dive by LGD secured the match for Team Spirit.

Chinese Dota 2 teams have been found guilty of Match-Fixing before

Chinese team Newbee, the finalists in TI 7, were involved in the biggest betting scandal in esports history. They were guilty of match-fixing in an SLI Minor Season 3 series against AvengerLS.

Newbee won the game by making AvengerLS throw the round.

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