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DPC Winter Tour Qualifiers China: LGD vs RNG epic match-up shows how Dota 2 has evolved over years.

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lgd vd rng dota 2 dpc china best match of 2022 so far

DPC China Dota 2 match-up between LGD and RNG was nothing short of mesmerising. The match is an example of the best Dota 2 has to offer.

Dota 2 is one of the hardest games to master among all Esports titles. A different sort of perspective is required to play the game.

But, for the ones who understand the game and truly adore it, the game takes a sublime form. The DPC China series between LGD and RNG is an ode to that fact.

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Dota 2 has changed much over the years. Though, the core essence of the game still stays the same.

Furthermore, the ESports scene has changed over years of iterations. The DPC has altered both in a positive and a negative way since its debut in 2011.

China has always produced the strongest Dota 2 Teams. Though, it is shame that Chia could not win TI since 2016.

But, all that might be about to change. With the DPC Winter Qualifiers 2022 in its final stages, Chinese teams are going all out.

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An all-out match in Dota DPC between LGD and RNG. Everybody loves a good Dota 2 game.

Yesterday, LGD and RNG faced each other in a BO3 Qualifier match for the cancelled Major. The Match started with RNG on Radiant and LGD on the Dire side.

The game was all about the two wolves. One was Lycan as FaithBian, while the other was Wraith King on Ame.

The game got so one-sided that WK solo killed BristleBack amidst 7 heroes. The early desolator pick along with Silver Edge, along with buff from Lycan wreaked havoc on the enemy team.

Game 1 ended after just 32 minutes with Ameobtaining 765 GPM on Wraith King. LGD surged to over 22K gold lead in the closing stages of the game.

Yet, Game 2 was a different story. A fight to the finish. The economy was pretty even for most of the game. Except, late-game was a different story.

RNG started taking a massive lead in the mid to late game phase. Both teams had seriously overpowered heroes. But, in the end, the team fight prowess came on top. It just shows how much the drafting matters.

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LGD and RNG belong to China Dota 2 circuit, which is considered the most competitive region in the world.

Even though RNG had a much greedier lineup, with a series of Roshan fights, they took an insurmountable lead of 32k. Or, was it.

The true net worth was the same gold wise. But, the Agh shard and Agh scepter drop from Rosh shift the networth significantly. But, something exceptional happened in the next Roshan fight.

Most heroes on both teams had reached level 25 by then. Tusk, the boxing champ, has a 12 percent chance to land a Walrus Punch passively. That is game-breaking almost, considering the damage output and lockdown.

XinQ, pos 4 tusk was 1v1-ing Faceless Void on RNG Godking. After about 5 seconds, GodKing was at 20% health, while Tusk was at 85%. 4 walrus punches in 6 auto attacks.

Eventually, XinQ got brought down. But, with Buyback, the Aegis and drops were secured. Next, we see how broken sieging is against Veno.

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LGD came back from a deficit of 32k gold riding on XinQ and FaithBian’s shoulders.

Faith Bian broke Dota 2 in game 1. He did so again in game 2 with Venomancer, the toxic banana. The Plague ward damage, along with Poison Nova, made it impossible for RNG to dive in.

Even with Void and Chronosphere, there was nothing to be done. The early to mid-game prowess of Outworld Devourer and Kunkka was all but gone.

Y` was insane with his timings on spells. The Shadow Book usage to save his carries was phenomenal. Even the Fiend’s Grips throughout the match.

Ultimately, with a 12k lead, PSG LGD won a losing match. The match just shows, where there is a will there is a way. A 2-0 victory over RNG.

The match got ugly because of two reasons. RNG is made of members from old LGD roster members. Hence, an ego battle was understandable.

But, we had the most entertaining match of 2022 yet. Kudos to Dota 2 for the game. Not so much though for the management.

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