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How old is Venti from Genshin Impact?

Danyal Arabi

How old is Venti from Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is home to a diverse roster of characters. From teens to Archons, players have access to characters from all walks of life. Venti is one such character whose appearance is quite deceiving. Despite presenting a youthful visage, Venti is far from young. In fact, he is as old as Teyvat himself. As an Archon living in Human form, Venti’s lifespan crosses 2 millennia.

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Venti from Genshin Impact is over 2,000 years old

Venti’s age is estimated to be 2,600+ years, and when in human form, takes the appearance of a 15-year-old male. Technically, Venti isn’t short of being a God and has taken this form to honor a bard friend who perished during the war against the God of Storms.

“A bard that seems to have arrived on some unknown wind — sometimes sings songs as old as the hills, and other times sings poems fresh and new.Likes apples and lively places but is not a fan of cheese or anything sticky. When using his Anemo power to control the wind, it often appears as feathers, as he’s fond of that which appears light and breezy.”

— Description from the Official Genshin Impact Website

Venti is a light-hearted, carefree spirit with Anemo abilities. As Lord Barbatos, Venti is a wind spirit that retains much of his personality in terms of being carefree. Unlike The Seven, Venti doesn’t hold dominion over any region, preferring not to rule and letting people live free. However, Venti values freedom dearly and intervenes when people’s freedoms are at risk.

The five-star character last had a rerun in September 2022. Considering that his banner ended on October 14, 2022, it is unlikely that Venti returns to banners in the next few updates.

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