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“EZ Game” – TORONTOTOKYO drops huge trash talk bomb in between fight on OG, as the 2 times defending TI Champs are eliminated by Team Spirit from the lower brackets.

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TorontoTokyo Vs Sumail TSpirit vs OG

Ez game for CIS pride Team Spirit eliminated defending TI champs OG from the lower brackets following an eventful series that continued for 3 matches

Team Spirit had a pretty year even at the International where we learned the hard truth about the importance of DPC points. They started out steadily on the main stage, but eventually ended up in the Lower bracket.

Today TSpirit had a BO3 elimination match from the Lower Brackets against OG. This ends the Cinderella run of Notail and OG after they won 2 Tea-eyes through roster changes.

We wish OG had won the third Aegis of Champions this year, but Dota 2 is an everchanging game. We all know how quickly meta shifts. This might be the end of an era or maybe the beginning of something new. only time will tell.

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“EZ game”; TSpirit TorontoTokyo’s reply to OG chat harassment in game 3  at 22-10 score against OG.

After getting heavily beat down by TorontoTokyo in the first game as Faceless Void, OG clawed back a win by playing the mental game.

In the third game, the MidCore of Team Tspirit decided to pick the elusive Void Spirit. He quickly gained momentum and crushed all three lanes through rotation after picking runes.

OG Sumail was never in time to support his team, leading to their demise. But we have to also consider the hero abilities of the picks by TSpirit. It was in good synergy.

TSpirit eliminates OG from the Lower Bracket BO3 elimination match

Eventually, by 22 minutes, TSpirit kills score was more than double that of OG. Even though the gold difference was meagre, multiple deaths on the OG roster lead to lower XP gain for their specific heroes.

This is an aggressive counterplay to OG’s 5 men rotation beyond 20 minutes. Crush the sidelines and stop the momentum of the OG lineup, because all three cores take greedy picks.

We are dismayed at the elimination of our most favourite team in the Pro-Circuit.

But, we wish TSpirit best wishes on their next raid and hopefully, they can end their journey with the Aegis of Champions. Now, that did be a story to tell.

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