CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Gauntlet: Complexity vs MIBR. NA vs SA.

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|Published February 04, 2022

MIBR faced Complexity yesterday in the first match of the day at CSGO BLAST Premier Spring Gauntlet. NA cSGO did not stand a chance.

MIBR and Complexity are both newly formed rosters. Chronologically, Complexity announced their roster much much later.

Hence, it is common sense that the newly formed roster did not have much practice, in any map for that matter. But, the gameplay and strategies were definitely there.

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Counter-Strike is a game of objectives and deceit. Teams like to keep the game clean. It is a necessity at the highest level.

Complexity and MIBR only fought two rounds of the best-of-3.

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Both MIBR and Complexity made a number of unforced errors. Eventually, MIBR came out on top. A whitewash to end the BO3 series.

The matches were to be played in Nuke, Ancient and Inferno. The matchup never reached Inferno. Hence, the round on Ancient was the decider.

Complexity suffered in both maps. As usual, they started off decent but soon ran out of viable strats to make a definitive impact.

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Though they took an early lead in Ancient, the loopholes in their playstyle clearly caused them issues. On Nuke, they were chasing down the score the entire match.

10-5 at halftime and 16-13 to the finish. Complexity IGL JT tried his hardest to cover for the miscalculations. Yet, his exploits would not be enough to see his team through.

MIBR defeated Complexity in CSGO BLAST PRemier Spring Gauntlet. The match got really close at certain points.

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The second half of Ancient was painful. MIBR decimated Complexity round by round. Losing the 4th pistol round started a domino effect.

When the economy tanked, their eco rounds could not make any impact. MIBR closed out the second half on Ancient with a scoreline of 16-14.

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The late push from Complexity was not adequate. Complexity is definitely improving. But, more needs to be done.

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Honestly, there is a massive skill gap. And that is the real cause of the downfall of NA CSGO. No finesse and only style cannot maketh a Major roster.

Only three things matter: Practice, practice and more practice. Sanguinely, we can expect improvements next week at the Last Chance.

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