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Christian Horner Saga Far From Over as Suspended Red Bull Employee Launces Legal Action: “The Lack of Support Is Noted”

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Christian Horner Saga Far From Over as Suspended Red Bull Employee Launces Legal Action: “The Lack of Support Is Noted”

Following Red Bull’s dismissal grievances against Christian Horner, everyone thought the saga would be over. However, a new angle emerged when the team reportedly decided to suspend the female employee who appealed against Horner. Despite following the correct procedure and reporting the matter internally instead of going to an outside authority, the employee faced dire consequences. Stemming from the same, reports that the female employee is now appealing the decision.


As informed by a friend, the suspended employee is “disappointed with how it’s all gone.” Having done everything by the book, the treatment from her ex-employer has left her disappointed. She faced suspension from a job she loved and in a sport where she was supposedly highly regarded. Furthermore, the lack of support from within the team also played a part in weakening her morale.

“The lack of support is noted and she’s just so disappointed with the treatment from her employer.”

Following the unsatisfactory resolution, the suspended employee will now reportedly be appealing the decision. She has also changed her legal representation and hopes for a better outcome this time around. Red Bull is yet to comment on the appeal as the situation continues to evolve. The last two months have been a rollercoaster ride for the Austrian team, and it seems like the ride is far from over.

It all began when the female employee reportedly accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior. A three-week internal investigation followed, where rumors emerged of a potential sacking of Horner should the allegations be true. However, the British engineer was cleared of any wrongdoing. Two days after the verdict, alleged WhatsApp leaks between Horner and the employee leaked on social media. The screengrabs carried text messages of sexual nature, but the credibility of the texts was questionable. Since then, there has been little to no comment from Red Bull on the leaks.

Geri Halliwell has her friends’ support amid the Christian Horner situation

Christian Horner’s wife Geri Halliwell has become an unfortunate victim of the entire situation. The former Spice Girl is even reportedly questioning her marriage to the Red Bull team principal. Amid the saga, Halliwell has received support from her former group. Speaking on behalf of all the members, Mel B (quoted by GB News) took center stage, and they were all supporting her. On a more personal touch, Mel B added she felt “really sad for Geri [Halliwell].”

Halliwell has mostly stayed away from the public ever since the controversy began. She did make an appearance in both races so far, standing in solidarity with her husband. The couple even kissed each other in front of the cameras as a gesture of support. Halliwell attended the Commonwealth Day Service, where she stepped in front of the public without her husband for the first time.

There have also been various reports suggesting major shareholders at Red Bull are in favor of dismissing Horner. Max Verstappen’s father also wants to see the 50-year-old gone from the team. Despite this, Horner remains confident that he has full support from the management. The contrasting reports and opinions only add to the uncertainty around the situation.

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