“He’s very clever, a good leader as well” – Former champions Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso endorse the appointment of Martin Whitmarsh at Aston Martin

Subham Jindal
|Published 06/10/2021

“He’s very clever, a good leader as well” – Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso both feel Martin Whitmarsh will bring in a positive change for the Aston Martin F1 team.

The appointment of Martin Whitmarsh as the Group CEO of Aston Martin Performance Technologies has been received positively by the F1 paddock.

Aston Martin driver and 4-time champion Sebastian Vettel has termed it “a strong recruitment” and that it shows how serious the British automobile giant is to achieve big in the sport.

“I know Martin from just when he left, I started, more or less, in Formula 1. I’ve never worked with him and I don’t know him good enough to judge. So I think we need to be open-minded.

“Obviously we expected to strengthen the team, otherwise there is no point signing new people or adding people to the team.

“I think it looks like a strong recruitment and hopefully helps us to achieve what we want to achieve in the future.”

Fernando Alonso gives thumbs up to former McLaren boss

Whitmarsh was the team principal of McLaren when Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were part of the team. The Spaniard is delighted to see his former boss return to the sport and feels he’ll be a strong asset to Aston Martin.

“For Aston, I’m sure he will be a big help.

“He’s very clever, a good leader as well. Unfortunately, it’s not in our team, but we have great people as well.

“It’s good to see Martin and a lot of guys, they deserve a lot of credit and now they are back in the sport, so it’s to the benefit of everyone in the paddock.”

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