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All Xbox Game Pass Games Confirmed for November 2023

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

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Xbox Game Pass is set to release some juicy games in the month of November. Among them, we have Persona 5 Tactica, Football Manager 2024 and more. 

Xbox Game Pass always comes up with the best titles for release. Just like the PS Plus subscription, it offers a variety of games for fans to access on a subscription-based model. In that way you do not regret buying any game should it not be worth playing.

We have two Day One releases for November in the form of Persona 5 Tactica and Football Manager 2024. Persona 5 Tactica is another extension of Persona 5 including Strikers and Royal. We have a couple of other titles that we need to discuss as well. Let us take a look at all of the Game Pass titles releasing this November, shall we?


  • All of the Xbox Game Pass Games Releasing in November 2023
  • 6. PlateUp! (Console Only)
  • 5. Football Manager 2024
  • 4. Dungeons 4
  • 3. Like a Dragon Gaiden the Man Who Erased His Name (Console Only)
  • 2. Thirsty Suitors
  • 1. Persona 5 Tactica

All of the Xbox Game Pass Games Releasing in November 2023

In total, we have six different games making their way into the Xbox Game Pass. However, the PC Pass members will only get to experience four of those since PlateUp! is going to be released for the Console only along with Like a Dragon Gaiden the Man Who Erased His Name. In this short piece, we are going to discuss the games in brief and find out if you should play them or not.

Most of these are indie games but are worth it if you invest your time in them. Out of those six games, one of the most exciting Day One releases is Persona 5 Tactica, a much-awaited game from Atlus made for folks who want more from the fan-favorite Persona 5 crew.

6. PlateUp! (Console Only)

PlateUp! is essentially a strategy game that lets you run a restaurant. It has elements that let you design the layout of the restaurant, customize everything inside it, and then manage it. However, things go wrong when you do not get every order right. That’s right, even a small mistake can lead to you closing down the establishment. The graphics are nothing special but they certainly add to the functionality of the game.

You will have to remember orders and get them right in order to keep your restaurant open. It is a game that food connoisseurs or management fanatics will have a good time playing. Readers should note that PlateUp! comes out on the Xbox Game Pass on 2nd November.

5. Football Manager 2024

Football Manager 2024 is also going to be a Day One release on the Xbox Game Pass along with Persona 5 Tactica. The game will come out on the 6th of November and is the next installment in the popular management-based football franchise. It is set to be one of the best Football Manager editions as it has a variety of man management systems, set plays, squad-building mechanisms, match day options, and much more.

There is also the option to move your save from Football Manager 2023, or you can choose to embark on a brand new journey from scratch.

4. Dungeons 4

Dungeons is essentially a franchise that allows you to set up and make your own dungeon filled with mythical creatures like goblins and gremlins. Made by Realmforge Studios, it is the fourth installment of the franchise. Essentially, in this game you are a dungeon master and the creatures in it are your puppets. You are the big bad of the game and everyone in the game is your pawn. However, the game takes on an extremely hilarious approach and people will surely have a blast playing this.

Dungeons 4 is one of the most underrated games that you must try out. It releases on the Xbox Game Pass on the 9th of November.

3. Like a Dragon Gaiden the Man Who Erased His Name (Console Only)

Another installment of the Like a Dragon more popularly known as the Yakuza Franchise, this title is an action-adventure game developed by Rya Ga Gotkou Studios. It follows the story of the original protagonist Kazuma Kiryu as he takes on another adventure, this time under a disguise.

The game will release on 8th November worldwide and fans of the franchise can pick it up the very next day on the Game Pass although PC Game Pass fans will have to wait to see if it even releases in the future for the subscription.

2. Thirsty Suitors

Another new release up on the Game Pass, Thirsty Suitors is an adventure game published by the same studio that was responsible for Outer Wilds and Stray. Not much is known about the game except for a premise that details a young woman named Jala who returns to her childhood home to confront her previous lovers.

The game will be released worldwide on November 2nd and will come to Xbox Game Pass the same day.

1. Persona 5 Tactica

This is the game every Persona 5 fan has been waiting for. Persona 5 Tactica follows the Phantom Thieves of Hearts as they return for another adventure. This time, the group will wander into a mystical realm filled with oppression and must fight injustice the escape that tyranny. The game has generated lots of hype, particularly because of the unique gameplay, chibi character styles, and the return of fan-favorite characters including Joker, Ryuji, and Morgana.

The game will be released on the 17th of November and is set to have downloadable characters in the form of Goro Akechi/Crow and Sumire Yoshizawa/Violet. For more details, you can even check the gameplay above.

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