Cartel No More DMZ Mission Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published September 14, 2023

The Cartel No More DMZ Mission in Warzone 2 is the final mission in Tier 5 for the Shadow Company faction. This short piece will look at everything you need to know about it.

Warzone 2 DMZ missions are some of the most fun things to play due to the variety of objectives players get. In addition to the XP, players can get lots of weapon contrabands, weapon and double XP tokens, cosmetics, emblems, and calling cards. In addition to that, players get to team up with their friends to complete these missions which can make it pretty fun.

DMZ offers a diverse range of different missions which include infiltrating multiple maps in the game to complete objectives that include collecting intel and killing personnel. This mission is along those lines. In this guide, we will look at how you can complete the Cartel No More mission in the game. Let us get started.


  • Cartel No More DMZ Mission Guide: Everything You Need to Know
  • Tier, Objectives, and Rewards
  • How to Complete the Mission

Cartel No More DMZ Mission Guide: Everything You Need to Know

This mission has three different objectives to accomplish for successful completion. In addition to seeing what those objectives are, we are going to give you a detailed guide on how you can accomplish them. We are also going to list down some prerequisites you must adhere to before dropping into the battlefield.

That being said let us get into the mission breakdown.

Tier, Objectives, and Rewards

This mission is the last mission in the Fifth Tier of the Shadow Company. There will be no more Shadow Company missions if you complete this one.

  • Cartel No More

    • Rewards: Kastov-74u Rule Breaker Blueprint, +20,000 XP
    • Objectives
      • Clear out the Vondel Terminal
      • Open all three safes and look for gas canisters in the same deployment
      • Denote charges on two cargo shipments outside the terminal in the same deployment

How to Complete the Mission

First of all, we recommend starting this mission with friends because trying it solo is going to be time-consuming and will potentially leave you in the radiation zone. Plus, as a pre-requisite, we recommend spending at least five minutes looting and finding supplies because you will need them later on.

You will need to complete all three of the missions in a single Vondel deployment for it to count. That is why, playing with friends is the ideal solution since you will always get interrupted by AI or enemy operators. That being said, let us look at what you need to do to accomplish this mission.

Planting the Bombs

An image of soldiers in Warzone 2
(Image via Activision)

As we recommended earlier, after dropping into Vondel, spend the first few minutes looking for anything that can give you an advantage. Self-revive kits are a huge help. After you are done looting, follow these steps.

  • Head to the southernmost part of the map where the Cruise Terminal POI is located. If you normally do the mission, then you’d need the Cruise Terminal Key, but if we do it backward, then you won’t need the key.
  • That is why, we will start off by planting the bombs in the shipments. You can find both of them in the southwest and southeast directions of the game Cruise Terminal.
  • After you plant the bomb, you will need to defend the explosives until a timer runs out. As said in the mission briefing, enemies will be hot on your tail until the detonation. This is where you will need the help of your friends and the additional supplies we searched for at the beginning of the playthrough.
  • The objective will take seven to eight minutes until completion. Keep in mind, that the enemies will flood out of the Cruise Terminal, which will now be open. You can enter it without using the Key.
  • After both of the shipments are destroyed, you are free to make your way inside the Terminal where you will need to find the three safes needed for mission completion.

Finding the Safes

An image of soldiers in Warzone 2
(Image via Activision)

There are three different safes you need to find to complete the mission. Let us take a look at their location.

  • The first safe is on the second floor of the Cruise Terminal building right beside a broken elevator. Once you find it, approach and start the drilling process. This will prompt the AI enemies to rush towards you guns blazing. Hold them off and kill all of them until the process is finished. When it is done, check the contents of the safe and collect everything inside.
  • The second safe is directly below the first one on the ground floor. One of the three safes is bound to have the gas canister we are looking for. Although, even if you find the gas canister, we still recommend drilling all three safes. Once you start with the second safe, enemies will try to stop you. You can continue to drill without losing your progress.
  • The third safe is located in the western part of the building near double doors. Rinse and repeat for the third safe as well. Empty the contents and all of the bots in the facility will gather at your location. Eliminate all of these hostiles which will complete the mission.

You should see a notification pop up on the screen signifying the completion of the mission. That is all you need to know about the last mission of the Tier 5 Shadow Company missions. The Cartel No More mission in DMZ is going to reward you with lots of XP which will be quite useful.

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