How good is the Hotring Everon? New GTA Online car can only be claimed until March 15

Danyal Arabi
|Published 09/03/2023

After a week with no new car, GTA Online players are treated with a new addition. The Karin Hotring Everon is a brand-new hybrid automobile that finds itself in the Sports class. Much like the Toundra Panthere, the Hotring Everon is a limited-time release that won’t be available after March 15, 2023. Here’s everything players need to know before grabbing one.

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All about the Hotring Everon, the latest limited-time car in GTA Online

Calling all trailerheads and chronic truckboys. Now’s your chance to manhandle one of the most notorious hybrid race trucks on the market: The Hotring Everon. You bring the toxic, we’ll bring the masculinity.

— Southern San Andreas Super Autos description

The Karin Hotring Everon is visually modeled after the 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro NASCAR and is the latest Sports car to be added. This comes just in time for the weekly update with a 3x bonus on Hotring Circuit Races.

Normally, the Hotring Everon costs $1,790,000, but those who place in the top 3 in 20 San Andreas Super Sport Series races can unlock its trade price of $1,342,500. As a sub $2 million car, the Hotring Everon performs surprisingly well. When fully upgraded, it sports a real top speed of 125.75 mph (202.37 km/h).

In terms of handling, the Hotring Everon performs similarly to the Sabre with plenty of wheelspin under a heavy chassis (1,565 KG). However, the Hotring Everon has more downforce than the Sabre when going at higher speeds. Despite this advantage, low-speed corners are where the Hotring Everon can fishtail out of control.

When competing in Hotring races, the Everon is the preferred option. As explained by GTA dataminer and tester, Broughy1322, for the simplistic tracks of Hotring races, the Everon is the vehicle of choice due to its high top speed.

Considering the 3x payout on Hotring races and its limited availability, the Hotring Everon may be worth it for race enthusiasts. With a few good races, players could recover their costs and easily build bank before the 3x bonus lapses. For beginners, however, the Hotring Everon isn’t an urgent purchase.

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