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Is the GTA Online Auto Shop worth it? Staff, contracts, and perks detailed

Danyal Arabi

Is the GTA Online Auto Shop worth it? Staff, contracts, and perks detailed

The Auto Shop in GTA Online was a business/property released as part of the LS Tuners update in 2021. With a focus on cars and tuner culture, the Auto Shop provided a gateway to multiple business opportunities for players. From unlocking all paint jobs to lucrative contracts, here’s what the GTA Online Auto Shop offers.

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GTA Online Auto Shop details: Price, revenue, and more details

The price for Auto Shops, much like other properties, varies depending on location:

  • Mission Row – $1,670,000
  • Strawberry – $1,705,000
  • Rancho – $1,750,000
  • Burton – $1,830,000
  • La Mesa – $1,920,000

Customization options for Auto Shops are as follows:

  • Style – 9 options ranging from $250,000 to $450,000
  • Tint – 9 tint colors for a flat $187,500
  • Emblem – From $25,000-$104,500
  • Staff – Up to 2, $385,000 each
  • Personal Quarters – Spawn Location for $340,000
  • Car Lift – Allows players to modify 2 cars at a time for $650,000
  • Optional LS Car Meet membership – $50,000

How to make money from an Auto Shop?

Buying an Auto Shop opens up Auto Shop contracts to players. These are essentially mini-heists with smaller payouts and less tedious setups. However, the payout from them is quite lucrative considering the time invested. These contracts pay anywhere from $170,000 to $375,000:

  • The Bank Contract – $178,000
  • The Data Contract – $170,000
  • The Superdollar Deal – $185,000
  • The Prison Contract – $175,000
  • The Agency Deal – $182,000
  • The E.C.U Job – $172,000
  • The Lost Contract – $180,000
  • The Union Depository Contract – $300,000 – $375,000

These contracts rotate in and out, prompting players to frequently check the contract board in the Auto Shop. Aside from Contracts, players also get access to Exotic Exports. These are cars available in the open world that players can deliver to the docks for money. Every real 24 hours, 10 cars will spawn that players can deliver for a total of around $250,000.

Aside from unlocking paints, having an Auto Shop allows GTA Online players to customize and deliver customer vehicles. After speccing out a car as per the customer’s request, players can either deliver it themselves or assign staff to deliver the car. This involves a small investment of $20,000 – $35,000 for a payout of around $50,000. Delivering cars via staff increases the chance of damage, leading to a smaller payout.

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