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What are the GTA Plus benefits this week? (Till March 15, 2023)

Danyal Arabi

What are the GTA Plus benefits this week? (Till March 15, 2023)

GTA Plus is a membership program offered by Rockstar Games to players for $5.99 a month. As a subscription service, GTA + benefits vary from week to week, giving players anything from free cars to free properties. The current set of bonuses fo GTA+ subscribers is set to end on March 15, 2023. Here’s everything included.

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GTA Plus benefits from March 9 to March 15, 2023

Before the LS Drug Wars Last Dose update drops next week, GTA Plus members have access to these bonuses:

  • 50-vehicle Eclipse Blvd Garage, with style choice for free
  • Complimentary Emperor Vectre (Sports) with Mambas 24 and Sword Boy liveries
  • Exclusive Gun Van discounts
  • Lucha Libre tints for the Knife and Baseball Bat
  • 50% off on Acid Lab supplies

First-time GTA+ subscribers will also get a GTA$500,000 bonus added to their Maze Bank Accounts.

What else is new in GTA Online this week?

This week, Rockstar Games is breathing new life into the LS Tuners update. Auto Shop contracts and businesses have a 3x multiplier on them this week. Additionally, a brand new car named the Hotring Everon has been added to the game.

Calling all trailerheads and chronic truckboys. Now’s your chance to manhandle one of the most notorious hybrid race trucks on the market: The Hotring Everon. You bring the toxic, we’ll bring the masculinity.

— Southern San Andreas Super Autos description

To accompany the new car is a brand new set of Hotring Circuit Races that players can partake in for 3x money. Sumo, a game mode where players must knock each other’s cars out of a designated area is also paying out double cash this week.

With the Los Santos Drug Wars update nearing its conclusion, players can get all their objectives for the week done by March 16. Fresh missions, objectives, and GTA Plus benefits await players when the next weekly update drops.

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