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“What’s going on with this guy, man?”: xQc slams Ethan Klein after he laughs at QTCinderella crying on live stream

Aaryanshi Mohan


Twitch streamer, xQc slammed H3’s Ethan Klein for making fun of fellow streamer QTCinderella. In the viral clip, Ethan watched QTCinderella’s emotional outburst as the streamer discussed the deep fake controversy she had to go through.

Klein was insensitive about the whole situation as he burst into laughter after he saw her cry.

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xQc slams Etha Klein for making fun of QTCinderella and compares him to the possum underneath his house

After seeing the video, xQc was infuriated with Ethan for making fun of the situation QTCinderella had to face and said: “I don’t know what was funny.”

During one of his live streams, xQc was going through a Reddit community named r/LivestreamFail. He came across a video in which Ethan “died laughing” as he reacted to a clip in which QTCinderella was being emotional.

The French-Canadian streamer looked really upset with Ethan and compared him to the possum that lives underneath his house. He said:

“Yo, what’s going on with this guy, man? Bro, you know what this guy looks like? Literally like a f****ing possum, that’s under my f****ing house. This motherf****ing possum. This piece of s**t. I swear, I’ll catch him, get it above to the side of my house and he’ll run under my f****ing and then he’ll scratch under my desk. I’m not kidding! He looks like my possum!”

Trainwreckstv also criticizes H3 podcast host

While commenting on Ethan’s behavior, xQc noticed Trainwreckstv in his chat and the latter also seemed to disapprove of the H3 podcast’s host. After spotting his comment, the Twitch star read it to the audience.

“Wait, Train says what? Train says, ‘Yo bro, he looks like the humans that woke up from getting pulled out of the Matrix.’ Oh, yeah! He looks like, well, true actually! True!

“He looks like one of these dudes who spent ling 3,000 years in a f****ing coma. Like, in the ice chamber and they can walk out in the space, actually!”

Reddit commenters seem to be in shock with how X reacted owing to his previous conflicting views. The same few comments from the post.

On the other hand, some people have been backing him for taking a much-needed stance. They also suggested he does a deep cleaning of his chat.

xQc is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch and is known for playing games like Call of Duty, and Minecraft and hosting Just Chatting streams. His channel currently has 11,514,737 followers.

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