GTA 6 expected release date hinted by Microsoft leaks

Aaryanshi Mohan
|Published November 27, 2022

Gaming leaker Tom Henderson posted a report on Twitter that allegedly shows the expected release date for GTA 6. Microsoft has not denied the document or the information in it. As part of an investigation into Sony’s acquisition of Blizzard, the publically available document shed light on otherwise concealed details.

Here is everything we know about the GTA 6 release date so far.

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GTA 6 release date seemingly set for 2024 according to Microsoft

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In the document, Microsoft confirmed the game will be released in 2024. The 111-page long document had details on information regarding the growth of the gaming industry. It should be noted that the document was quoting a report that was initially published by Tech Radar.

Here is what the statement read:

“The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to be released in 2024.”

However, another leaker (@LegacyKillaHD on Twitter) has been dismissing the report and alleging that it might get delayed till 2025. He said:

“Microsoft’s simply making an educated guess. One that makes a lot of sense.GTA 6 probably will be revealed shortly with an expected release date of sometime in 2024… that may end up getting pushed into 2025 because well this is Rockstar lol.”

After the tweet was picked up by many, fans took to Twitter and reacted to it.

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Earlier, it was speculated that development had been stalled because Rockstar had suffered a data breach. However, the company confirmed that nothing had compromised the development of the game. It was crucial for Rockstar to make this statement because of the remarkable wait time for a sequel that continues to tick.

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