How to get Smoldering Embers in God of War Ragnarok : Start Farming these Rare Materials

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published 23/11/2022

You can find Smoldering Embers in God of War Ragnarok through the Muspelheim Trials after you unlock the realm through the Main Story.

God of War Ragnarok has rare resources that are collectible only through rare favors and completing specific objectives. One of those materials is the Smoldering Embers, used to upgrade armor pieces. To get these Smoldering Embers, you will need to unlock Muspelheim first. But you will be able to unlock all realms through the main story. All you have to do after unlocking it is to journey there and farm the Embers. Let us see how you can do that.

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Smoldering Embers Guide: God of War Ragnarok

Muslpelheim is a realm of fire that houses fight challenges similar to the previous God of War Challenges. These combat trials are called Surtr’s Trials. After you finish each trial, you get certain rewards for completing them. One of those rewards is the Smoldering Embers, which you can use to upgrade rare armor pieces. After completing one stage, you must navigate to other areas of the trials by platforming.

In addition, all these challenges have a sword-like structure in the middle. Begin the challenge by interacting with it. There are certain objectives to clear on each challenge. Therefore, you will require complete combat mastery to complete some of them. Moreover, the rewards you get are worth it. You cannot replay these trials after you complete them, but there is a way to farm the embers.

The final room has three impossible trials you can complete. You will get three keys after completing them. After you unlock the Hidden Trials, you can keep replaying the last trial. This is the best way to farm Smoldering Embers. Trial 6 is the one you will be playing to farm those Embers.

There is no other way to farm these resources, but it is fun since it tests your combat expertise, and they are fun to do.

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