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“I went through my phone once and saw 150 Luka Doncic selfies”: When Dirk Nowitzki narrated a story highlighting the Mavs guard’s playful side

Advait Jajodia
|Sat Jul 16 2022

A few years ago, Dallas legend Dirk Nowitzki narrated a story showing the playful side of Luka Doncic.

Luka Doncic has established himself as one of the game’s most elite players. At only 23 years old, the Slovenian prodigy has had a pretty accomplished career. Having played only 4 seasons, the Dallas Mavericks youngster has already racked up a resume better than many other former stars – 3 All-Stars, 3 All-NBA selections, and the 2019 Rookie of the Year – while averaging a staggering 26.4/8.5/8 ever since he set foot in the league.

While Luka is an assassin on the court, off the hardwood he is one of the most humble and fun-loving personalities. A few years back, his mentor and long-time Dallas legend Dirk Nowitzki spoke about Doncic’s off-court behavior:

“He’s been amazing, but he’s also a fun kid. I mean, when you watch him play you wouldn’t think he’s 20 years old, but when you see him off the court you will definitely know he’s 20 years old. He loves having fun.”

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“Luka Doncic is a funny kid, loves having fun”: Dirk Nowitzki

A few years ago, the German big man narrated an anecdote from the time when Doncic clicked 150 selfies on his phone. Nowitzki said:

“Like the other day, I was actually at a shootaround or practice and I got a little treatment, just health-wise, it’s not great. So I go in every now and then, see the guys, get some treatment. And I left my phone laying somewhere.

“So then when I got home like an hour later or something, I go through my phone and I went to my pictures and I had, not lying, probably 150 Luka pictures. I guess that’s the culture nowadays, the selfie stuff. But he must’ve just run around for 10 minutes and took selfies with everybody and an hour later I saw my phone. So he’s definitely a funny kid, he loves having fun.”

“Anytime he needs some help or he’s going through tough times or whatever, I’d love to help him out. I was not as good as he was at a young age like that. But I’m sure there’s some of the stuff that I went through that I can relate to. So yeah, anytime he needs me I’m in his corner.”

It’s absolutely heartwarming to see the kind of relationship Dirk and Luka share.

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