Is GTA V Cross Platform?

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published 27/11/2022

For now, GTA V is not cross-platform. There are several reasons for that. We are going to discuss those details in this article.

GTA V is undoubtedly a grand success. It generated outrageous sales, but Fans are tired of the studio rereleasing the game for every new console that comes out.

It has agitated the fans a lot, but one of the reasons is that they still haven’t introduced cross-play to the platforms it is available. Let us discuss the possible reasoning for the unavailability and see if there is a future.

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Why is GTA V not Cross-Playable/Platform?

First of all, GTA V is not available for Cross-platform/cross-playability. A player with an Xbox cannot match or play with a player with a PC or a PS4. The number one reason is due to Project Priority. Rockstar can put money into the game but not to such an extent that it faulters the progress of other games.

Recent announcements say that they are shutting down Red Dead Online. Plus, with the recent GTA 6 leaks, they are now determined to make progress on the game as much as possible. In addition, GTA Online makes a lot of money with the help of Shark Cards that offer in-game currency. That is why they do not need to halt the money-making behind the game, as it generates revenue without considerable investment.

There are many other opportunities for Rockstar that they are beginning to explore. Integrating a cross-play feature in the future is also very unlikely for the studio. The reason is that it will cost a lot of money that will be usable for other projects.

There are Rockstar projects in the works that the studio has not revealed yet, but due to the revenue pouring in, it is evidently going to be something big.

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