Leviatan Valorant acquire Keznitdeus

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published 25/10/2022

Leviatan Valorant has been on an acquisition spree as they pick up two former KRU members. Keznitdeus and Mazino are now a part of Leviatan.

It is a good day for a Leviatan fan since the team has been on the verge of acquiring new talents in the form of unrestricted free agents. They recently picked up Mazino, and now Keznitdeus has joined their ranks. Now that Keznit has joined this team, they can make more aggressive plays in the form of his Jett and, on occasion, Kayo.

Due to the nature of VCT 2023, many teams are scrambling to buy unrestricted talent. Due to that, we are seeing a combination of colorful players working together. Quite recently, Sacy and Pancada joined Sentinels; more information about that is given below.

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Keznit joins Leviatan Valorant

Keznit was a massive part of KRU as he was majorly responsible for beating Sentinels on the Master’s stage and bringing the team towards the later half of the tournament. KRU pulled off an absolute upset due to his unpredictable plays and mechanical prowess.

Leviatan is gearing up in such a way that it has shocked the Valorant community. They are getting heavy talent based on skill and consistency. The roster currently consists of King, Tacolilla, Shyy, Keznit, Nozwerr, and Mazino. This team is sure to catch ways and challenge any team that gets in its way due to its star power and FPS experience.

Melzer instead went from Leviatan to KRU; it seems that both teams are exchanging players at this point. There are many things to consider about this new roster since it has the experience of going on LAN. However, Keznit has not been in form in a while since VCT 2022 didn’t go according to plan for him.

However, we will find out what the future holds for him and the team. Leviatan will need to form new comps and give new roles and strategies since old ones won’t work due to heavy star power usage in VCT 2023.

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