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“Most of my teammates call me Viper, maybe because I’m toxic”: GMB Nats reveals which Valorant agent he would be in real life

Tanmaiy Reddy

GMB Nats

GMB Nats reveals what Valorant agent he would be in real life, in an interview with Kyedae and SEN TenZ.

Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin is a 19-year-old professional Valorant player for Gambit Esports. In-game he plays the role of either a Sentinal mostly “Cypher” or a controller for which he prefers “Viper“.

Gambit has gained a lot of popularity recently due to their win in Master 3 Berlin. And a second-place finish in Valorant champions 2021.

After their match against X10 Crit in the Valorant champions playoffs, Kyedae and Tenz took an interview of GMB Nats. There, he answered some basic questions and talked about the state of NA Valorant and his IRL valorant agent.

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GMB Nats ‘ interview, where he revealed some insights into his life

Question From Kyedae) Why do you always carry the panda on stage with you like the one you’re carrying right now?

So right now it’s because everyone asked for that on the stage. But after we lost again ascent in EMEA challengers, I bought the same panda for me and for my girlfriend. So my girlfriend has the same panda. The name of the panda is Adela after my girlfriend’s name. And because of that I always bring my panda with me as it’s my support.

Question from Kyedae) The next question is what made you want to start playing valorant?

Before Valorant I was playing CS: GO. I have more than 1000 hours in CS: GO. But I was losing everything, every tournament, and at the same time, I was in 11th class and had exams. So I just say to myself I don’t want to play CS: GO anymore. And there was Project A so all of my friends just wanted me to try that game. After that, I started playing and I played against GMB Chronicle and after that, we created our own and I was playing something like that.

Question from Kyedae) Did you have any role models growing up?

In cs, it was scream and simple so I was watching how they play. And in Valorant I just say to myself I want to be the best Cypher in the sentinels. And I just say to myself  I’m gonna be the best one so that’s the main thing that was improving me. So in the CIS region, it was the war against me and the guy who was playing in fourth. Then in EMEA, it was other teams so if peaks it was dramatic other teams other players then I came to masters it was sentinels Dapr and something like this and right now it’s the same one so I’m fighting against everyone.

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Question from Tenz) Okay, Nats this is an important question for me but what are your opinions on NA Valorant?

like you wrote on Twitter you say that it’s officially dead but I’m not sure about that. I don’t know the actual problem, I think you and your teammates know about that. It’s just unlucky I guess. And other teams know I’m gonna say that individual game of three teams is incredible. But the main issues and problems are hard to answer because I’m not analyzing the games. Like that I’m just gonna say that then we were playing against envy, I would say that they played really good. Their strategy and their individual game were incredible I don’t even know what just happened right now but it’s only your team’s know what just happened.

Question from Tenz) If you could be any Valorant agent in real life, which one would you be and why?

 A lot of my teammates say that I’m a viper. I don’t know why maybe I’m toxic, I’m not sure about that.

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