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Tyson “TenZ’ Ngo “dashes” away hilariously as his girlfriend, Kyedae talks about marriage

Yuvansh Ruia

The Sentinels duelist, TenZ “dashes” away hilariously as his girlfriend talks about marriage in her Twitch stream.

Kyedae, is one of the top streamers when it comes to VALORANT and has amassed a huge Internet following. Her wit, skill and sense of humour have always stood out to fans.

Moreover, her long term relationship with VALORANT’s starboy TenZ has also put the spotlight on her. Their wholesome co-streams, QnA’s and VALORANT themed flirting has garnered a huge amount of fans.

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TenZ “dashes” away as soon as Kyedae talks about marriage

In one of her streams, Kyedae as usual was responding to her Twitch chat when something stood out to her. Her long time friend Shane, informs her about him getting married recently which made her ecstatic. She then goes on to say, “Wow Shane! 23 and married congratulations!”. Then follows it up sarcastically by saying,”Wow, must be nice.” This is when we see TenZ “bunny hop” his way out of the room as soon as she says it.

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Fans found this extremely funny and added another level to their relationship in front of fans. The 100T member, Kyedae and Sentinels TenZ is a ever gamer’s fantasy relationship.

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