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Sinatraa’s Competitive status: Sinatraa will not join a team for the start of VCT 2022

Tanmaiy Reddy

Sinatraa's Competitive status

Going into VCT 2022 everyone has one question. What is Sinatraa’s competitive status: will he or won’t he join a team.

Jay “Sinatraa” Won is an American Valorant content creator/streamer for Sentinels. He used to be a professional player, however, after some serious accusations from his ex-girlfriend he was let down from the team.

Sinatraa started his professional career through overwatch. He is an insane player with a lot of potential. And after the release of valorant, Shahzam made a valorant roster with him in it. Which was picked up by Sentinals but after the accusations, he was shifted from a professional player to a content creator.

As he received a 6 months ban from playing competitive valorant from Riot. However, his ban is currently over, so lets if he will play in VCT 2022 or not.

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Sinatraa’s Competitive status

Referring to the tweet from George Geddes, a renowned Esports Journalist. Sinatraa will not be able to play at the start of VCT 2022 as no major teams want to take him. The main reason is his buy-out is too costly as he is a great player and with the cost, there is the additional baggage of his past.

In order for him to play some venture capital organization has to buy him and build a team around him.

A simple summary from George is :

players want him because he’s fucking incredible. Teams don’t want him because he’s a brand risk.

So to sum it up Sinatraa will still remain in Sentinals as a content creator for the time being. Till some organization goes to the risk of buying him and builds a team around him.

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