NA VCT Main Event Schedule: When and where to watch the week 1 matches for the NA VCT main event

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published February 09, 2022

Take a look at the NA VCT Main Event Schedule, for big matches between Sentinels, NRG, Cloud9, 100 Thieves, and more.

After a fierce battle between more than 100 teams, a total of 12 teams have made it to the NA Main Event. Now, these teams will go head to head to make it to the playoffs. However, there is a catch.

The 12 teams will not compete with each other, rather these teams will be divided into two groups of 6. And the matches will be held between teams in each group in a round-robin method. And the top 3 teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs.

The main event is a one-month event with matches happening every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So let’s take a look at the schedule for Week 1 of the main event.

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NA VCT Main Event Schedule for week 1

Timings for the North American region

February 11, Friday

    • Cloud 9 vs 100 Thieves  1:00 PM PST
    • Version 1 vs Knights  3:30 PM PST

February-12, Saturday

    • Sentinels vs NRG Esports  1:00 PM PST
    • The Guard vs Luminosity  3:30 PM PST

February 13, Sunday

    • Envy vs Rise  1:00 PM PST
    • XSET vs Evil Geniuses  3:30 PM PST

Timings for the Europian Region

February 11, Friday

    • Cloud 9 vs 100 Thieves  10:00 PM CET

February-12, Saturday

    • Version 1 vs Knights  12:30 AM CET
    • Sentinels vs NRG Esports 10:00 PM CET

February 13, Sunday

    • The Guard vs Luminosity  12:30 AM CET
    • Envy vs Rise  10:00 PM CET

February 14, Monday

    • XSET vs Evil Geniuses 12:30 AM CET

Timings for the South Asian Region

February 12, Saturday

    • Cloud 9 vs 100 Thieves  2:30 AM IST
    • Version 1 vs Knights  5:00 AM IST

February-13, Sunday

    • Sentinels vs NRG Esports 2:30 AM IST
    • The Guard vs Luminosity  5:00 AM IST

February 14, Monday

    • Envy vs Rise  2:30 AM IST
    • XSET vs Evil Geniuses  5:00 AM IST

Where to watch Week 1 matches

All the matches will be streamed live on the official Valorant channels. You have the option to either watch it on the Valorant’s youtube channel or the Valorant’s Twitch channel.

Apart from the official steams, we might also be able to watch some big-names watch parting such as Kyedae, Tarik, Shroud, and more.

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