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Bronny James’ $10 million fortune doesn’t get any help from FaZe Clan

Nithin Joseph
|Thu Aug 11 2022

Bronny James does not like being referred to as LeBron James junior. However, much like his father, Bronny has begun building his brand!

LeBron James is by far the most popular player in the modern NBA. His skill, athleticism, and physical prowess have made him what he is today, a four-time NBA Champion entering his 20th season in the league.

As things are, it looks like the incredible genetics possessed by LeBron have been passed on to his two sons. Bronny James and Bryce James look all set to continue the James dynasty and legacy in the NBA.

In fact, King James recently shared some footage showing a high-intensity workout he had with his two princes. Training for their futures as NBA superstars!

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Bronny will be the first from the ‘James Gang’ to enter the NBA. However, he is wasting no time and has already started building his brand, as seen by his 2020 partnership with Faze Clan.

Bronny James began building his brand in 2020 by partnering with Faze Clan, diversifying his interests, much like LeBron James

At 17 years of age, Bronny is just one year away from making one of the biggest decisions in his basketball career. The eldest son of Savannah and LeBron James will have to choose between college and professional basketball.

It truly is a very grown-up decision to make. The type of decision that he is no stranger to, seeing as how he has already begun building his brand, just like his father did. Heck, the man is worth $10 million already.

The young ‘prince’ showed maturity in diversifying his interests back in 2020. The year when he officially joined Faze Clan, a partnership that greatly promotes him both as an athlete and as a brand.

He may not be earning any cash from this partnership, but it is a smart move nevertheless. Especially for his future as both an athlete and a businessman.

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