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“Draymond Green tried to pull my pants down”: Jaylen Brown questions officiating in Game 2 loss as Warriors forward escapes ejection in yet another big game

Akash Murty
|Mon Jun 06 2022

The Golden State Warriors have made a comeback in the series and leveled it up, but fans think referees had much to do with it, and so does Jaylen Brown.

Although it might be disappointing for the neutrals to watch yet another blowout in the 2022 Playoffs, Dub Nation couldn’t be any happier as their team stomps the Celtics 107-88 in the second game of the Finals.

Most expected the Warriors to start the series the way they played the Sunday night game. But they have a history of letting their opposition get comfortable before taking them from the rear and slamming their head first on the floor, so they are not in their proper heads when they get back up.

The Celtics suffered just that when they took the floor in San Francisco and went to an early 9-point lead in the first four minutes of the game and sent chills down the streets of the Bay Area.

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But it didn’t last long. Stephen Curry and Co came back strong, with “The Chef” and Jordan Poole taking charge of the offense, and evened up by the end of the first quarter. Both teams kept at the battle for the first half of the game, ending the second quarter at 52-50, 2-point Warriors lead.

The Dubs never looked back and scored 55 more points while Cs would score just 38 more. And most fans thought it was the officials who had much to do with it. Jaylen Brown also raised his concern about the same, calling out a couple of clear misconducts by Draymond Green.

Jaylen Brown believes Draymond Green tried pulling his pants, and referees didn’t bother to give him a call

Whether it’s kicking his opponents in the wrong area or climbing on them straight up, Warriors forward know no boundaries when it comes to winning, not certainly when it’s the Finals.

He was at it again in the Game 2 with all kinds of dirty plays, which do not break any “code” Steve Kerr and his team talk about all the time, but it certainly wouldn’t sit with the players who get bullied on the court and their fans off it.

Brown came under some of those questionable plays by Green, which the refs didn’t call. But the Celtics shooting guard didn’t complain much about it and instead said they would have to turn themselves into Draymond to deal with him.

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