“First Kobe Bryant, now Michael Jordan?”: Chris Broussard questions $20M worth NBA vet’s credibility for doubting greatness of the GOATs

Akash Murty
|Published September 02, 2022

Saying Michael Jordan is going to struggle in the current era and Kobe Bryant isn’t even a top-5 Laker is not how someone seeking a career in media circuit should start with.

Not having Michael Jordan as your GOAT is understandable if you are a LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar fan. But believing he would have difficulty scoring in today’s era is a bit too much.

That is what Jason Williams did recently by saying, “it was easy for him to get to the bucket against GP as it would be against Jrue Holiday today with Giannis and Brook Lopez sitting back there… He’s not scoring as easy today as he did back then.”

A few weeks back, the former Kings guard had a similarly outrageous take about Kobe Bryant. “I haven’t really thought about where I got Kobe, but Kobe’s not as high on my list as people would really think he should be. Like, I’m not even sure he’s on the top five of the all-time greatest Lakers.” Williams said.

Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinion and can have whoever they like as their GOAT. But not a top-5 Laker? Let’s not even get into it Mr. “White Chocolate”, it’s embarrassing.

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Fox Sports analysts destroy White Chocolate for his comments on Michael Jordan

Now, however great a passer this man was, he had a 12-year NBA career and Kobe had as many All-Defensive Team selections. And then he ranks top-4 in all-time scoring and will stay there probably for years to come. The 18x All-Star will be in the top 5 of almost every basketball player and fan in the world, irrespective of Williams’ beliefs.

Coming back to MJ, the man had 10x scoring titles, while living in and around the paint in the era that was dominated by some of the greatest shot blockers and rim protectors of all time. And that’s what Fox Sports’ Chris Broussard and Rob Parker sighted while destroying White Chocolate for his take.

MJ’s fundamentals of the game are so strong that he would have thrived in any era irrespective of the size of the defenders or the style of play at the time. There was nothing “His Airness” would target and fail to achieve.

The man proved that quite clearly when he worked on his 3-point shooting to beat Clyde Drexler’s Portland Trail Blazers in the 1992 NBA Finals and mastered the art like he was Reggie Miller. The defending champs, the Bulls, found it difficult to beat Blazers in the regular season but humbled them in 6 games in the Finals.

Jordan hit a breathtaking six consecutive 3-point shots in one of those games and showed us another aspect of his game that we thought he was not very good at until then.

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If an NBA vet thinks that Mike will struggle against the current players and Kobe isn’t a top-5 Laker, it is quite plain that he is trying his best to make it to the headlines and be there, to start off well in his media career. Let’s see where he and his Jason Williams Show goes from here.

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