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“For the longest time, Canon thought Stephen Curry was a pro-golfer”: Ayesha Curry reveals how their son thought his father was a golf pro, instead of a basketball star

Joe Viju

"For the longest time, Canon thought Stephen Curry was a pro-golfer": Ayesha Curry reveals how their son thought his father was a golf pro, instead of a basketball star

Ayesha Curry shares a hilarious incident on The Ellen Show, talks about how their son Canon thought Stephen Curry was a pro-golfer

Last year was a tough time for all of us. 2020 was a year full of uncertainty, and most of us spent it mostly cooped up inside our homes. The case was no different for our NBA stars. With no basketball from March to August, it was a tough time. For the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry, the break was even longer. They played their last game in March, before they suit up for the 2020-21 preseason in December.

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During that time, Stephen Curry was spending a lot of time with his family, and on the golf course. Curry linked up and played with a few popular people and also took part in amateur tournaments. Ayesha Curry was a special guest for Mother’s Day special on The Ellen Show. During her time, Ayesha talked about her three children Riley, Ryan and Canon. She also shared a hilarious incident involving Canon and his dad.

Canon Curry thought Stephen Curry was a pro-golfer

Canon Curry turned 3 in July. He was around 1.5 years old when Stephen Curry broke his wrist during the 2019 regular season. Ever since then, Cannon was used to seeing his dad at home, rehabbing from the injury. When Bubble basketball aired, Canon didn’t see his dad on TV, instead, he saw his dad and uncles play golf.

During her chat with Ellen DeGeneres, Ayesha revealed that for the longest time Canon thought his dad was a golf pro.

She goes on to say –

“For the longest time, he thought his dad was a golfer because of the pandemic and there was no basketball in season.”

She further mentions –

So, he’s just now realizing that his dad and his uncles [Seth Curry and Damion Lee] play basketball, so that’s been new and exciting for us.”

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The host Ellen then points out the impressive basketball skills of the 2-year-old in a video. Ayesha Curry hilariously responds that he got it from her.

No one would be surprised if Cannon Curry eventually made it into the league. Basketball runs in the blood of the Curry household.

How good is Steph Curry actually at golf?

He is good enough that his son thought that he does it for a living. So, he must be reasonably skilled at the game.

As a kid, Steph’s father Dell Curry took him to the course and allowed him to take swings. Now, the 3x NBA champion is an avid golfer who participates in celebrity golf tournaments and is one of the best amateurs out there. He was so good that he came to crossroads between choosing golf or basketball. Luckily, for all basketball fans around the world, he picked basketball.

The 7x All-Star guard didn’t just turn out to be average, he turned out to be the best shooter in the history of the NBA.

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You can understand why Canon confused him for a professional golfer. Especially, as basketball was on hold last year due to the pandemic.

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